Saturday, July 14, 2018

Instagram Dump Jan - June 2018

Instagram is an easy way for me to document every day moments in real time. I love having all my Insta posts in one place on my blog, so this post contains all the posts I made on Instagram from January through June of 2018.

01/01 - It doesn't matter that five years have passed since we lost you, the love we have for you never will. #B3 #miscarriage #grief #angelversary

01/05 - Brooke and Brecklyn just love having "paint nails"! #twinbies #girlythings #twoyearsold #paintnails

01/09 - Sitting in the school pick up line like . . . #twinbies #littlereaders #waitingpatiently #twoyearsold #BrookeElianaMae #BrecklynSarahFaith

01/10 - I'm always striving to be more purposeful with what comes out of my mouth. I'm also trying to instill this in my children, and have found this acrostic to be very helpful! #lovemylittles #bepurposeful #thinkbeforeyouspeak

01/12 - Twinbie secrets :-) #twinbies #twoyearsold #theylovetodressup #builtinBFFs

01/13 - We enjoyed working through a Kiwi Crate about Rainbow Optics this morning. Thank you Tia for passing this on to us! #kiwicrate #nelsonhomeschool #lovemylittles

01/15 - We had a great play date with friends this morning. These crazy eight are the most amazing blessings! #lovemylittles #bigfamilyfun #crazyeight

01/20 - Am I seeing a glimpse of my future? I love that one of them insists on driving and that's okay because the other is content to ride πŸ˜ƒ. #twinbies #twoyearsold #twindynamic #latergram

01/20 - After almost 8 months, I finally finished documenting the story of losing our baby Bristol. I did this for my family to have record of the events that took place, but it also helped me in my journey to healing. Part 1 has been published on my blog (link in profile). Part 2 will publish tomorrow. #babyloss #miscarriage #grief #seven

01/23 - Bren had a field trip today where he was to dress as a super hero. He hunted through his dress-up drawer and put this outfit together! Love my little super hero! #BrensonCharlesJacob #adventruesinkindergarten #mysuperhero

01/24 - This is the last I'm going to write about our miscarriage for a while, but I do want to share the post I wrote about how we chose to remember and honor Bristol on her due date. Link in profile. #miscarriage #babyloss #grief #seven

01/25 - Someone is having a sad, grumpy day :-(. Don't we all feel a little bit like this sometimes? #BrookeElianaMae #sadgirl #grumpyday #extrahugstoday

01/27 - "A little boy is truth with dirt on his face, beauty with a cut on his finger, and the hope of the future with a frog in his pocket." 😍 #littleboy #lovehim #BrensonCharlesJacob #fiveyearsold #helmetbootsandbubbles

02/01 - A man came up to me and said, "You're one lucky lady to have those pretty girls as your breakfast date!" I think so, too! πŸ’“πŸ’“ #twinbies #twoyearsold #breakfastdate #lovemylittles

02/03 - How have three years flown by so fast?!? Happy birthday to our precious twinbies, Brooke and Brecklyn! You bring so much love and joy to our lives! πŸ’œπŸ’— #twinbies #birthday #threeyearsold #lovemylittles

02/04 - We took a quick trip to Missouri this weekend and got caught in some pretty serious snowfall. The kids thought it was great, but I only love snow if we're not driving in it! #birthdayweekend #unexpectedsnow #guessishouldhavecheckedtheweather #roadtripfun

02/08 - Aquarium fun! #twinbies #discover #oklahomaaquarium

02/09 - We made a deal with Brianna that if she would work hard to reach a goal we had set for her, she could get her ears pierced. This is something she's wanted to have done for several years. She put in the work, met the goal, and reaped the reward today! #BriannaElisabethJo #shininginsecond #reachinggoalstogether

02/10 - Six years ago this morning, we were *patiently* waiting for you to arrive. It was four days past your due date, and you were taking your sweet time (although once you decided to come, it happened quickly). We still wait on you as you take your time doing things, but you are always worth the wait! You have three sisters who adore you, and out of all the kids I see the most of myself in you. Happy 6th birthday, Brennie! We love you πŸ’“! #BrensonCharlesJacob #birthday #sixyearsold #myboyπŸ’™ #pokeylittlepuppy

02/10 - A little ICE sledding made this day extra fun! #winterinoklahoma #icesledding #bigfamilyfun #lifeinthesudocountry

02/13 - Bren has had a big day! Top Reader Tuesday, a full day of school, guitar lessons, and running errands with Momma have kept us on the go! #BrensonCharlesJacob #littlereader #guitarlessons #adventuresinkindergarten

02/13 - Annnnnd, this sums it up pretty well! πŸ˜‚ 

02/16 - Food, swimming, exploration, discovery, and relaxation have made our little get-away just what we'd hoped it would be! #bigfamilyfun #roadtripwithlittles #weekendgetaway #lovemylittles

02/17 - Today we did some hiking, cave exploring, picnicking, playing, and discovering the gorgeous views of Turner Falls Park! We had a great adventure, and afterwards I even indulged in my favorite gas station guilty pleasure πŸ˜€. #bigfamilyfun #turnerfalls #oklahomasightseeing #outdoorfun #gasstationfriedfood

02/18 - It's birthday day once again! Eight years ago, our sweet, spunky, and affectionate Brianna was born after years of testing and seeing doctors, a surgery, countless medications, a high-risk pregnancy, and more prayers than anyone could ever know. She is a most precious gifts from God, and we are so thankful for her. Happy 8th birthday, Brianna! #BriannaElisabethJo #birthday #eightyearsold

02/19 - Tonight, Brianna had a special opportunity to speak at our local library's "Friends of the Library" meeting. She was one of six speakers (the only child) who shared about books they love. She did great speaking in front of about 40 adults! #BriannaElisabethJo #shininginsecond #bookssheloves

02/23 - There aren't too many people I would brave the crazy weather to go to dinner with, but it's been too many months since we've spent kid-free time together! Thankful for our friendship! #frandzzz #friendsarefamily #sisterfriend

02/26 - Bedtime at our house is typically a smooth time of day. We are pretty no-nonsense when it comes to sleep, and our kids know that. Tonight, however, was rough! Kids were crying and getting out of bed and dying of thirst and trying just about anything to avoid sleep. I finally snuggled one of them up and rocked them to sleep. It's been a while since I've held a sleeping child in my arms, and you'd better believe I'm soaking up every sweet second. Just 15 minutes ago I felt like I was going to lose my mind, and now I never want this moment to end πŸ’“. 

02/27 - Today was crazy hair/hat day for my Bigs. A Nike hat with bright yellow is about as crazy as it gets for my straight-laced little man. I asked him if he wanted a streak of turquoise hair like his sister and was answered with an emphatic "NO!" πŸ˜‚

03/01 - Does anyone remember this show? The hubby loved this show as a kid, and now Brenson has been watching it. Bren was telling me all about it the other night and said, "Mom, one thing I don't really like about Uncle Scrooge is he kinda hoards things. That's not good. One thing I DO like about him, though, is that he's always prepared. In one show, he pulled a box of matches right out of his pocket. I think I need to start carrying matches in my pocket. You never know when you might need to start a fire, Mom." Haha . . . I like that he wants to be prepared, but I'll be checking his pockets every morning from now on! #BrensonCharlesJacob #myboy #alwaysbeprepared #butdontplaywithfire

03/02 - I have four happy kids playing in their playhouse this afternoon. They've missed it! #springiscoming #freshairandsunshine #lovemylittles #imaginitiveplay

03/04 - "And my soul shall be joyful in the Lord; It shall rejoice in His salvation." #praiseGod #Sunday #lovemylittles #thankfulgratefulblessed

03/05 - We love our #handsondad! These kids truly have no idea how blessed they are! #involveddadsrock #lovemylittles #prodad #thankful

03/07 - This looks serious. I hope everything is okay πŸ˜‰. #imaginativeplay #twinbies #drsister

03/09 - C'mon over friends! It's the perfect night to enjoy the warmth of a backyard fire! #home #lifeinthesudocountry #fourkidsandafire

03/14 - Sisters and makeup πŸ’—πŸ’œ #twinbies #sisteres #builtinBFF

03/16 - My little runner girl received her 50 mile running medal today! This is the first 50-mile medal she's earned, and it's so fun watching her determination, energy, and enthusiasm continue to grow! #BriannaElisabethJo #shininginsecond #littlerunner

03/16 - Kicking off Spring Break with a visit to the Tulsa Ballet to see Cinderella! #tulsaballet #springbreakfun

03/17 - Spring Break 2018 - Day 1
Happy St. Patrick's Day! We started the day at Whittle Readers Saturday Morning Reading Club (so good!), followed by lunch at Pei Wei, a short nap, playing outside, and coloring Easter eggs! #springbreakfun

03/18 - Spring Break 2018 - Day 2
We went to church, had a restful, relaxing afternoon, hit up Sonic in the rain for a refreshing drink, and capped the day with a silly game of Headbandz! #springbreakfun

03/19 - Spring Break 2018 - Day 3
After the kids helped do chores this morning, we had a fun play date with friends we rarely get to see. Although it was cool and cloudy, the kids had a blast playing outside! The weather inspired chili for dinner, and it hit the spot. #springbreakfun #friendtime #weatherinspiredfood

03/20 - Spring Break 2018 - Day 4
Today we hung out with my besties and a very special guest - our friend, Miwa, and her boys all the way from Japan! We all went to college with Miwa, but haven't seen her in over a decade since she moved back home to Japan. It was so amazing watching our children all play together! Bren and Miwa's son, Y, are the same age and really hit it off despite the language barrier. Miwa's visit to Oklahoma was perfectly timed with spring break (since two of the besties are teachers) so we could all spend the day together πŸ’“. #springbreakfun #specialvisitors #housefulofkiddosandfriends

03/21 - Spring Break 2018 - Day 5
(Are you tired of these posts yet? πŸ˜‰)
Our friends joined us at the library for story time fun and play, and Brenson realized he's old enough for his own library card so we signed him up! We grabbed lunch with our friends, then spent a few hours having rest/quiet time before we went outside to play (my kids never get tired of playing outside!). After dinner, we'll finish the day with Wednesday evening bible study! #springbreakfun #libraryaddicts #friendtime #outsideplay

03/22 - Spring Break 2018 - Day 6
We had another fun play date with our friends and {almost} neighbors. We played games, ran and played outside, enjoyed cookie treats, and didn't worry about the dirt! Since then, we've stayed low-key and watched several hours of TV (this rarely happens!) while we wait patiently for Daddy to get home from his business trip. #springbreakfun #outsideplay #lowkeyafternoon #lovemylittles

03/23 - Spring Break 2018 - Day 7
We had a relaxing, play-in-our-pjs morning until meeting Daddy for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants in downtown Tulsa. We visited Daddy's office, and the Bigs got to stay the rest of the afternoon with him. After a simple dinner at home, Daddy and the Bigs set up a tent in the backyard for tonight. The little girls and I will be enjoying our cozy beds INSIDE the house 😊. #springbreakfun #diningwithDaddy #backyardcamping

03/24 - Spring Break 2018 - Day 8
I'm so sad the break is almost over 😒. Today, the Bigs were great helpers when they went with Daddy to pick up some essential parts and pieces we need for our next big project! Then, they spent a few hours helping our friends move. When lunchtime came, the kids built a "tent" to have shade to eat a picnic at the house our friends are leaving 😊. Later in the afternoon, Daddy held down the fort while Brianna and I did some shopping and errand running. #springbreakfun #teamwork #helpingfriends #lovemylittles

03/25 - Spring Break 2018 - Day 9
We enjoyed a beautiful sunrise this morning before the rain came (and stayed the rest of the day). I didn't take many photos today, but we went to church this morning, had a restful afternoon, then to dinner with some of our favorite people after evening church . . . a pretty typical Sunday! The break has been wonderful, but tomorrow we'll be welcoming our regular routine and that will be great, too! #springbreakfun #sunday #lastdayofbreak #lastdailypost #yourewelcome😊

03/26 - This may or may have been today . . . 😳

03/29 - Bahaha! But we wouldn't trade it!!!

03/30 - It was the perfect day for a bit of bunny art! #lotsoflittles #easterartsandcrafts

03/31 - I've come to really look forward to our annual Easter egg hunt and brunch with our framily. It's a special time with cherished people! #easteregghunt #easterbrunch #framilytraditions

04/01 - The Lord has been so good to us! #Easter2018 #thankfulgratefulblessed

04/09 - Working hard so we don't get rusty! #teacherstrikeday6 #Nelsonhomeschool #focus

04/11 - We took our learning outside today and visited the Tulsa Botanic Garden. Definitely worth the trip . . . so beautiful! #tulsabotanicgarden #teacherstrikeday8 #Nelsonhomeschool

04/16 - We decided to take advantage of half price burgers at Boomarang Diner tonight in downtown Claremore. It was a fun little outing, but in interest of full disclosure I feel like I should tell you  that this is the BEFORE photo. Before ketchup was sprayed on me and the seat, before Daddy got a lap full of iced tea, before one of the three year olds had a tantrum everyone in the diner could hear, before a basket of food was dumped, and before I got a ketchup hand print on my shoulder! Thankfully, we've learned to just go with it, and we were still smiling even AFTER πŸ˜€. #lovemylittles #lifewithlittles #adventuresindiningout #boomerangdiner

04/20 - Pedicures and quality time with my little ray of sunshine was the bright spot in an extremely rough week. Words can't express how thankful I am for the precious girl (and her siblings)!

04/26 - πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #somuchlaudry #thankful #lovemylittles

04/26 - Proud of this boy's dedication to reading this year! We're still working on taking a decent picture πŸ˜‚! #BrensonCharlesJacob #littlereader #adventuresinkindergarten

04/29 - "For You are great and do wondrous things; You alone are God." - Psalm 86:10
Happy Sunday, friends! #twinbies #threeyearsold #cuties #Sunday

05/01 - "Mom, when I was younger I used to think that time when slow. But now that I'm older, I realize that life goes by fast." - Brenson Nelson, age 6

05/03 - I introduced the little girls to the world of cake pops today 😊. #twinbies #threeyearsold #cakepops

05/06 - Today, I'm taking extra time to pray for bereaved mothers while I remember my four precious lost babies and the sweet babies of so many others. Miscarriage is a dark and lonely road, but I'm so grateful for the love and grace of a God who comforts and sustains. #babyloss #miscarriage #bereavedmother #bereavedmothersday

05/07 - "This is gonna be AMAZING!" - Brooke and Brecklyn, age 3, on their way to the park on a sunny day. #twinbies #threeyearsold #BFF #springtimeinokahoma

05/12 - My kids and hubby made me a tasty Mother's Day meal this evening, which we enjoyed outside in the blustery but beautiful weather! #springtimeinoklahoma #motherdayweekend #lovemylittles #smoresarenext

05/17 - We had a great time at the ballfields tonight watching our cousin Abby play! #softball #glitterandgrit #cousins

05/18- It's a big day for Bren, starting with receiving his 50 mile running medal at school! Way to go, Brenson!!! #BrensonCharlesJacob #adventuresinkindergarten #littlerunner #50miles

05/19 - What a fun time we had celebrating Caroline's FIRST birthday today! Happy birthday, sweet girl! #sweetCaroline #firstbirthday #celebrate

05/24 - We've had a funfilled past two days, going with second grade on a field trip to the zoo and with Kindergarten on a field trip to Funtastic Island! This is a sweet season of life, and I'm so very grateful for it! #adventuresinkindergarten #shininginsecond #fieldtrip #almostsummerbreak

05/25 - Second grade has been a great year for Brianna! I've loved watching her grow in her ability to focus, write, and - especially - read! She is a compassionate friend and willing helper. Hugging her teachers daily is one of her favorite things! We're thankful for another fantastic year with our spunky girl! #BriannaElisabethJo #shininginsecond

05/25 - I couldn't have imagined a better year in Kindergarten for Brenson! He transitioned beautifully to being in school and away from Mom every day. I was able to look at his school journal from this year, and seeing how far he's come with his reading and writing was incredible. He is a willing helper, dependable student, and a sweet friend who wants everyone to excel and stay out of trouble. He was given several opportunities to speak, perform, or do other special jobs in front of a crowd, and he rocked it each time. We are so grateful for how he has thrived this year! #BrensonCharlesJacob #adventuresinkindergarten

05/28 - We couldn't resist some slip-n-slide fun on this hot May day!!! #lovemylittles #springtimeinoklahoma #MemorialDay #waterfun #95degreesinMay

05/28 - Progress is being made on our latest project, even with all our helpers πŸ˜€! #newplayset #itsgonnabesomuchfun #parenthood #lovemylittles

05/29 - We loved seeing all the animals today at our annual kick-off-the-summer zoo trip which was also a bible class reward trip. #tulsazoo #lotsoflittles #hotdayinMay

05/31 - "You never arrived in my arms, but you will never leave from my heart." Nothing could have ever prepared me for that moment - one year ago today - when the words "there is no heartbeat" made my world stand still. All the hope and eager anticipation for the life growing inside me was suddenly erased. However, a still heart cannot erase the love we have for Bristol, and we will cherish her always. #BristolJoy #seven #miscarriagejourney #angelversary #babyloss #remember

06/01 - Food truck Thursday is baaaaaaack! #foodtruckThursday #smalltownfun #latergram

06/04 - When you're preparing for a major backpacking trip in the mountains, Mom finds you hiking through the neighborhood, pack and all! #BrensonCharlesJacob #outdooradventure #mountainhiking

06/06 - We usually visit our local library at least once a week. The children were especially interested in the magazines about animals today! #lovemylittles #littlereaders #locallibrary

06/07 - Perspective.

06/08 - Chris's beloved grandma passed away yesterday after a long and full life. She was a force of love and stability in Chris's life, and her presence and influence impacted him greatly. Her gracious hospitality was seen in how she always served lovely, multi-course meals, welcomed us into her home with hugs and smiles, and cuddled our babies close. Her frame was small (she wasn't even five feet tall!), but she packed quite a punch! Her absence is deeply felt, but not as deep as her love. πŸ’“

06/09 - It's that time of year again, friends! Our annual VBS begins tomorrow, and we'd love to have you join us! These pictures are a tour of our VBSs past, so come join us to see what we're up to this year as we learn God's word together. We have classes for all ages. 

06/12 - There's a chair under there somewhere. #atleastitsclean #everydayislaundryday

06/14 - Beautiful flowers from Grandma's service yesterday. 

06/21 - It's such a beautiful day for a little splash pad fun by the lake! #lovemylittles #summertimefun #Godsbeautifulworld

06/22 - One of the many great things about summer is that we get to spend our Friday's learning with Ms. Shelly. Such a fun class! #lovemylittles #summertimefun #FridayswithMsShelly #sixyearsandcounting

06/24 - The sunset is soft, but gorgeous tonight. This picture is from my back porch - which faces east - so it's a reflection of the actual sunset in the west. #nofilter #homesweethome #Godsbeautifulcreation

06/25 - Play-doh on the {covered} back patio while it softly rains is perfect for this Monday. I love the beauty in these peaceful moments. #lovemylittles #rainyday #summertimefun

06/27 - Cookie baking with my Bitties. #twinbies #lovemylittles #summertimefun #chefsintraining

06/28 - Lunch with Daddy is always a hit! #twinbies #threeyearsold #summertimefun #lunching