Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Trans-siberian Orchestra

I'm behind on my blogging...

A few days after Christmas, Chris and I went to the Trans-siberian Orchestra with Ross and Tia.
It was quite a show! We had really good seats so we could see everything going on on-stage so clearly.
They performed for a little more than three hours. The music was impressive and the lighting effects were amazing. Between the strobe lights, the flames, and the miniature explosions, there was no way anyone could sleep through this concert!

It is quite possible that I may have some permanent hearing damage due to the vicinity of our seats to the speakers, but the show was fun!


Earl Gearl said...

Sounds like a ton of fun!

Ross is such a nerd!!!

Kilee said...

Sounds like you had fun!

Tracy said...

Tia said she was going to go get her hearing check.