Saturday, March 22, 2008

Surgery Update

For those of you that don't already know, surgery this past week went really well. The morning of the surgery, it was pouring rain outside and we were running late. I was already nervous about the procedure and this didn't help! So, when they called me back and put my IV in, I almost passed out. I don't do well with needles at all and I could feel the IV in my wrist. The nurse was sitting there asking me all these questions when I got really hot and everything started to go black. I said "Ma'am, I think I'm going to pass out!" She jumped up really quick and leaned my chair back, and brought me some cool clothes to put on my head and neck. Then, she had the anastegeologist come and put some meds for anxiety in my IV. After that, I felt great! It was funny because I could tell I was slurring my words and that my "filter" was turned off, but I couldn't help it. Chris just kept laughing at me! I even told his mom that the only reason I agreed to let her come back and see me was because I had drugs! Anyway, so they eventually took me back to the operating room where they helped me up on the table (I was VERY unsteady). I laid down and remember the anastegeologist putting something in my IV that felt cold in my arm. I said "Am I going to fall asleep now?" and he said, "yeah, pretty much". Then I said (and I have no idea why), "Am I going to say a bunch of crazy stuff?". He responded, "If you have anything crazy to say, you had better get it out now!" That's the last thing I remember before waking up post-surgery.

ANYWAY, like I said earlier, surgery went really well. Dr. P talked to Chris afterwards and told him that my uterus looked great (nothing needed to be removed as far as polyups or cysts) and that my tubes were also clear (GREAT news! Unblocking tubes is pretty dangerous and often results in the loss of the entire tube). The only thing he had to do was work on my ovaries, removing cysts and performing the "drilling" procedure. He even had before and after pictures of my ovaries that he showed Chris and my dad! Yeah...that's a little weird! I was DEFINATELY sore when I woke up, but they promptly gave me some meds to dull the pain. I have three small over each ovary and one sarting about inch below my belly button going into my belly button. I felt pretty good on Tuesday, but man was I hurting on Wednesday! I was so sore I couldn't hardly even roll over! I stayed in bed most of the day and stayed drugged up pretty good. But, each day since then has been much better. I haven't taken any pain meds for 2 days now and today I've been up moving and doing things a lot more like normal. I'm still moving a little slow, but overall I'm happy with the healing progress.

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers! We couldn't have asked for a better outcome so far!!!


Patterson said...

At least that's all you said to your mother-in-law. You're a cute patient!

Mercedes said...

So true! When I was under anesthesia I called my my moms friend who was an anesthesiologist a loose woman to her face. It was true, but definitely not something I would typically say.
I am glad that it went well and we hope and pray that it was successful for you.

Mercedes said...

PS We need your email address and home address.