Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Weekend Update

My brother-in-law, Russ, graduated from the Bible Institute of Missouri this past weekend, so we headed to Springfield to celebrate with him. It was a great weekend because we were able to see and spend time with a lot of family. Congratulations, Russ!

Here is Russ receiving his diploma and an award.
The Graduate and his wife

My parents

My Dad (who is a faculty member at the Bible Institute of Missouri) was also recognized for his service to the school.

Chris and me :-)Jordan, Jeremy, Kaylee, & Shawna Look how big Jordan is these days! He's growing up SO fast!
KayKay and I got to spend a lot of time together!

Having my paternal grandpa there was a special treat! We don't get to see him often because he stays very busy for an 80 year old!
My dad's brother, my Uncle Jim, brought my Grandpa down to see us. Don't you think my dad and uncle look alike? Except that Uncle Jim has Grandma's smile...

Four generations of N men... Chuck, Jeremy, Charlie, and Jordan

My maternal grandparents were also there... better known as Pappy & Granny Tiger. They are quite the pair, those two!!!My Aunt Diana with Miss Kay. Kaylee is a snuggle bug!
Uncle Justin and Aunt Cindy
My cousin and his fam
It was a great weekend!!!


Tracy said...

We need people like that teaching the word. We're proud to know you and your family.

I need that brown shirt!!

Mercedes said...

I am sad that I missed it!