Thursday, July 3, 2008

Photos Finally!!!

Guess what I've finally been able to do?!? Post photos! I hope you are as excited to see them as I am to share them with you!!!

WARNING: I got a little carried away and posted 18 photos... I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity I had to actually post them!

To start with, there are parts of Zambia that are absolutely beautiful! This is a photo overlooking the Zambezi River. Each morning I look around and am awed by how beautiful it is in certain places.

Other places are not so beautiful because they have been ruined by people. Some areas are so littered with trash and filth that I can barely stand to look around. The photo below is of a small village in the bush that we visited last Sunday. The village itself wasn't too bad, but what we drove through to get there was disgusting.

The churches that we have been visiting in the bush are generally located in primitive buildings, some with grass roofs. The picture below is the church that Dad and Chris visited last Saturday while I had food poisoning. This would be considered a nice facility even though it has no electricity and backless wooden benches to sit on.

Remember the man, Chilala, that I mentioned a couple posts ago? This is a picture of him and his wife in front of their hut. Many of the men pictured are wearing suits and ties that they receive as gifts from Americans that visit. We brought two suitcases full for the students of ZSBS. Otherwise, that is not typical attire.

The church that we worked with last Sunday did have actual concrete walls, a metal roof, and one light at the front of the building. However, it was also infested with rats. As Dad was preaching, the rats would run across the open rafters... and they were large rats... about the size of a dollar bill minus the tail!!! It was almost more than I could handle!!! I could not wait to get out of there! Today, however, I ended up teaching a ladies class in that same building, but it was during the day and there were no rat sightings.

Dad preaching and Webby translating into Tonga

We have had the opportunity to visit some of the open markets (pictured below). Livingstone is the tourism capitol of Zambia, so there is an area of town geared toward tourists. In this area, there is a nice supermarket where we have done most of our shopping. The natives tell us that what is pictured below is "real Africa", not the supermarket that we visit.

Here are pictures of food that did not come from the supermarket! The first photo is the nshima that I talked about in another post, along with some cabbage, tomatos, and meat. The second photo is a typical meal that is served at the school for lunch. Each day, they eat rice with something... either cabbage, potatos, beans, or eggs. We have eaten lunch at the school almost everyday.

As I posted previously, we have really come to know and love the students. We have been having so much fun with them!!! They all left yesterday for their winter break, and it was a very sad good-bye. We still worked at the school this morning, and it was so quiet and lonely without the students! Pictured in the photo below is Diwell, Chris, Me, Russell, Oliver, Caphas, and Benson... a few of our favorites!

Here we are with more of our favorites... Diwell, Malengo, and Martial.

And again with our favorites Oliver and Cedrick (in the blue shirt and floral tie). I don't know who the other man in the photo is... he just kind of jumped in the picture :-)!

What am I saying?!? They are ALL our favorites!!! In this photo is Russell, Josephat, Caphas, Patrick, Cosam, Cedrick, Chris, Davis, Dick, Amon, Chelle, Frank, Douglas, and Malengo. We hope and pray that we have encouraged these guys as much as they have encouraged us. It's amazing how much you can love someone that you've only known for 2 weeks!!!

This past Monday, the students were taking finals, so we went and did some sight-seeing. Our first stop was at this HUGE, drive-through animal park. It was basically a road cut through the bush where people are able to see all sorts of animals in the wild. We saw gazelle, elephants, baboons, hippos, water buffalo, zebras, warthogs, gilla monsters, wildebeasts, and giraffes!

Then, we visited Victoria Falls. It was amazingly beautiful!!! I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to see such an awesome part of God's creation!
In several places, we were able to view the Falls without getting too wet...

We were starting to get a little wet at this point...

But, for the best view, you had to get SOAKED!!! Below are Dad and Webby (director of the school and tour guide for the day)... notice how wet they are! There was so much mist coming from the Falls that it was like standing in the pouring rain... but so totally worth it!!!

God also blessed us with gorgeous rainbows coming out of the mist of the Falls. How beautiful is that?


Joy Lin said...

Wow, Chelley. For our sake, hurry home. :) For your sake, I wish you could stay longer! Love you.

Angie said...

Wow...You are white!!! I seriouly felt like crying when I looked at the pics toward the top. It kind of made me feel a little ungreatful. I am glad that you got to do some sight breath taking! I can't wait until you come home...I have a Chelley shaped hole in my heart.

Earl Gearl said...

Great pics, Chelle! Love you and miss you guys!

Joy Lin said...

Oh, yeah...I'm assuming you didn't swim in the Devil's Swimming Pool. Yikes!

Tracy said...

I am soooo visual. I can really relate to what you're going through. Thanks for sharing the, I love the scenery of the Falls~so beautiful. It looks like it would be worth getting wet!! Miss ya.