Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another concert... anything but just another night!

My friends Angie, Kendall, Amy, and I have been planning to go see Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift in concert since April.

We braved the crowds and Kendall's bronchitis on a school-night (the three of them are teachers) to enjoy our much needed girls-night-out. Although we all had a great time, it didn't quite turn out like we had planned...

Taylor Swift was the opening act, so when she took the stage we were all SO excited!

We immediately jumped to our feet (along with most of the crowd) and started singing along. It was concert, after all, and we were having FUN!

About a minute into Taylor's first song, Amy and I feel a hand on our shoulders. It was a lady sitting a couple rows behind us and about 6 seats to the left. She aggressively demanded that we sit down immediately. She couldn't see.

Although this startled (and puzzled!) us a bit, we just rolled our eyes and sat down. I wondered to myself if she was going to ask everyone else in the entire arena to sit down as well.

Since when are people not allowed to stand at a concert?

However, this was more than my dear friend Angie could take. As the lady walked away, Angie screamed, "You need to grow up!" I immediately said, "Angie! Don't!"

But it was too late.

The lady was mad, mad, mad now and there was no stopping her. She marched up behind Angie, grabbed Angie's shoulder, and said, "ARE YOU TALKING TO ME???"


Angie said, "Yes I am."

The lady started to lecture Angie about how she had paid such-and-such amount for the tickets, and how she had the right to see and enjoy herself... all the while shaking Angie's shoulders!

Angie threatened to call the police on the lady if she continued to touch her. Amy and I were really scared now!

BUT, the lady went back to her seat and we continued to enjoy the concert.After Taylor Swift opened, Rascal Flatts took the stage. The folks in front of us (who had missed our run-in with crazy-lady) got really excited when Rascal Flatts began performing and did the unthinkable...

They stood up.

Uh-oh (again!)

Crazy-lady started yelling and cussing at them, telling them from 3 rows back that they needed to sit down. They probably could not hear her, or maybe they chose not to listen to her, but either way crazy-lady was getting madder and madder until she finally took a handful of ice out of her drink and pelted them (and everyone sitting around them, including me and Amy) with ice!

Since when is that appropriate behavior?

Our entire section sat through the entire concert because of one bully. That just stinks.

But, the concert was really good.

After the concert, the four of us walked to Amy's car. Angie had driven separately, so our plan was to drive Angie to where her car was parked (for safety reasons). However, after all the excitement that had taken place, Angie couldn't exactly remember where she had parked. It was late and dark and the streets around the arena can be very confusing (lots of one-ways). We drove around and around and around until the area had cleared out of the concert-goers and the homeless started coming out of the woodwork. It was well past midnight and we were beginning to worry that maybe Angie's car had been stolen.

So, we called the police, only to be told that they were too busy to mess with a problem like that.

We didn't know what else to do. We had been driving around for well over an hour, with no luck finding the car. We decided to flag down an officer.

He couldn't help us either.

We decided to do one more drive through every single street in the area, and FINALLY found Angie's car! It was hiding in a dark parking lot and had been hidden by bigger vehicles (her car is very small). WE WERE SO RELIEVED!

After all the commotion, it was 1:30am before I got home. I thought I was so tired that I would just crash, but I couldn't seem to unwind.

It's always a crazy time with my girls!


Tracy said...

You girls are too much! I hope I don't run into crazy lady.

Fallen Into the Trap Swearingen said...

Sounds like a lot for one concert! I love the car hunt...that is too funny.

Tracy said...

Me Fisher~Is that green gum in your friends mouth? Funny

Angie said...

I am giggling right now! That night was so much fun! Never a dull moment when we are all together. I love the use of pics to tell the story!

Holley said...

Great story....and could only happen to you four!! I bet Angie was SO MAD! I don't blame her, though....