Friday, September 19, 2008

Last weekend's good times

This past weekend, we joined some of our friends and spent a night out on the town.After a good meal at Olive Garden where we ate TOO MUCH (especially Ross!) and Chris shamelessly flirted with the waitress,we headed in the pouring rain to our local concert arena. Chris made up for the flirting when he gave me his raincoat so I wouldn't be soaked all night. I think he dried out in time for us to leave!
We had tickets to watch last season's American Idol top ten perform. It was a great concert! I think what made it so much fun was that there were 10 different performers, each singing their own style and genre of music.

It was also particularly entertaining to watch Ross continue to put away food all night long. He really got into the songs, singing each one to Tia. Every song was a fun surprise!

There were only a couple performers that we didn't love. Overall, we were impressed!


Tracy said...

Fisher likes the picture os you girls with your lips all puckered up.

Glad you had a great time. Sorry we weren't interested to go.

Earl Gearl said...

You've been tagged. Details on my blog.