Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Massage for Two

My friend, Angie, and I decided last week that we were long overdue for a massage. Understand that by long overdue, I actually mean I've never had a full-body massage. The closest thing I've had was last spring on Spa Day when I had a face, neck, and shoulders massage.

After we arrived at the massage place and signed in, we waited patiently in the lobby (along with 5 or so other customers, and maybe a dozen various students, employees and instructors) to be called back for our massages.

Masseuse (calling out): Angie! Are you ready for your couples' massage now?
Angie (speaking loudly out of surprise): Couples' massage!?! No, no, no... it isn't a couples' massage!
Chelley (thinking ignorantly to herself): What's the big deal? We can be in the same room.
Masseuse: It's not?!? I have couple written down here.
Angie: Ummm, we are not a couple. They even asked when I called and made the appointments. I said no.
The 20 people in the lobby: *Staring*
Masseuse: Oh, well are you sure because that's what I have down.
Angie: Umm, yeah, pretty sure. We don't want a couples' massage.
The 20 people in the lobby: *looking at us like, seriously, we all know you're a couple so get over it*
Masseuse: Okay, I'll be right back.
Chelley (to Angie, a bit sarcastically): What, are we stripped down to our unmentionables or something for the massage?
Angie: Yes! I thought that may be a little uncomfortable.
Chelley (a little shocked): Oh! Yeah, for sure. Thanks for not letting that happen.
The 20 people in the lobby: *smirking at us like we know your secret now*

Angie & Chelley -- The happy un-couple


Tracy said...

A co-worker and myself went for a massage at lunch and the next day in the paper it was shut down for a little bit more than massaging!!!!

Angie said...

LoL I'm crying I'm laughing so hard and I am laughing at tracy's comment too...I'm about to pee my pants

Joy Lin said...

Oh, this is hilarious!!! (Also, it made me think of Gilmore Girls, when Emily and Lorelei go to the spa and Emily accidentally signed them up for a couples massage.)

Earl Gearl said...

Happy Birthday!!!!