Monday, December 1, 2008

Thankful for Thanksgiving

During this Thanksgiving holiday, Chris and I spent time at the N Homestead (the 140 acres that has been owned by Chris's family for about a century). This year, we really worked to focus on the family, not the food or little stresses that often corrupt our holidays.

Abby and Zeke are such a huge blessing to the N family. It's easy to focus on them!

We haven't seen baby Z since he was born last September. He's such a sweet, laid back little guy.

Uncle Chris is always good for a joke or sarcastic comment. He keeps us laughing!

Abby and I have always been best buddies. We just play and play and play.

And after that, we'll go outside and play some more. There are few things that will clear my head better than crisp, fresh air.

I was raised a city-girl. There's a whole lot about life in the country that I don't necessarily understand or appreciate fully. BUT, I'm learning. Some lessons are more fun than others, and this lesson about life in the country was a blast!

God is so good to remind us of the many great blessings we have in our life.

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Joy Lin said...

You are the coolest aunt. Props to Chris for his Destination t-shirt, LOL!