Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Let the Flashback Fridays begin!

I've decided to spice it up a bit over here and start a new "feature" on my blog. Most of my blog concentrates of the happenings here-and-now in The Life of Chelle, but I think it would be fun to record stories and happenings from the past as well.

To accomplish this, I plan to write Flashback Friday each week where I will tell a story from the past that would have been blog-worthy had I had a blog at that time *grin*. A bonus to this is that sometimes I have a hard time thinking of material for my blog (is anyone with me here?) so this will give me at least one thing to concentrate on each week.

I'd love for all of you who have blogs to join me. Think of how much fun this could be!

Oh, and while most Flashback Friday posts will feature me, there may be others involved in the story as well... especially siblings (J and L, watch out!). Some of my stories may be funny, sad, or reflective, but they will all be meaningful to me (and maybe only me, but that's okay).

I hope you'll join me! Stay tuned for the first Flashback Friday this week!

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Kilee said...

I'm in!