Friday, February 20, 2009

Flashback Friday -- He's a Runner!

Several weeks ago, Chris and I were having dinner with friends when somehow or another this story came up. I had temporarily forgotten about this incident, but as soon as we finished telling it, I knew I wanted to post it as a Flashback Friday. I think it's too funny not to share!

Time: Fall 1998

Place: Midwestern SmallTown that was home to my husband and myself during High School.

Chris and I were seniors in High School and had been dating for about a year. It was not uncommon for us to have these ridiculous, dramatic fights over nothing important. One Wednesday evening, we ended up getting in this fight after school. I have no idea what led to this or what it was about (obviously so important *grin*). Anyway, so we fought for an hour or so, when I finally said, "Forget this. I'm going to church. Catch ya later." ...or something to that effect.

He left my house and went home to his house that was about 7-8 miles outside of town on some land. I figured I'd just see him the next day at school.

After church was over, I walked out to the parking lot to go home. I noticed this person in the grass -- trying to catch their breath -- and quickly realize that it was Chris! I didn't see his car anywhere, so I began to wonder if he had broken down somewhere in town and needed me to bail him out (also a common occurrence).

Me: What are you doing here?

Him: *pant* I wanted to see you. *pant pant*

Me: Where's your car?

Him: *pant* I ran.

Me: What?!?

Him: I ran here. *pant*

Me: From where?!? Where is your car???

Him: *pant * From my house. *pant*

Me: WHAT? You ran nearly ten miles from your house? Why? And how? Did you run down the highway?

Him: Yes. *pant pant*

Me: WHAT? Why?

Him: I needed to let off some steam, so I went for a run and ended up here. Do you mind driving me home?

Me: (sarcastically) What, you're not running back?

Him: I think my feet are bleeding.

Me: Chris! Your feet ARE bleeding! Why are you so crazy?

Him: Good question.

I drove him home, and it was several years before we realized that he was so crazy that night because he was in love with me.

To make the story even better, several kids from our school saw him running down the highway that night. By the next day, seemingly the whole school had found out about him running to town to see me (joys of a small town!). Even the cross-country team coach approached him and asked him to join the team (seriously!).

Later that year, when the special senior edition of our school paper came out, it had predictions for what each of us would do with our lives. The prediction for Chris's life included a career in running, soccer, and eventually settling down with me!


Anonymous said...

I love that story. It has to be one of my favorites about Chris.
His father-in-law.

Sasha said...

Love it!! It's like a teenage movie or something!!

Also, what program did you use to make your header? You always have the neatest headers!!

Joy Lin said...

What a sweet love story! Ah, I love it.

Joy Lin said...

Also love the teddy bear in the pic with you two. ????

Aunt B said...

That's the funniest post I have read today... it is amazing what men do when they are in love. I am going to have my teenager read it. She will die laughing too.

Angie said...

I heart happy endings.

Earl Gearl said...

That is a great story. And good for your class for getting part of his prediction right. My prediction was that I would marry Ben Affleck...

Chris said...

I want to know who that long haired hippy is with you.