Wednesday, March 25, 2009

RIP Little Tree

Remember about a year ago when our neighbor caught our yard on fire? Well, one of our little trees in our front yard was damaged pretty badly.

We tried really hard to save it, but the damage was just too severe. We finally had to dig it out and replace it :-(.

RIP little tree. You were a good tree and didn't deserve to die :-(.


Chris said...

Could I look more hokie being outside in a white t-shirt with my pajama pants on. Wow! What was I thinking when I asked you to take the photo?

Angie said...

No so happy little tree :(

Anonymous said...

Hokie or Okie? Not much different.

Don't worry. I just feel it in my heart that little tree is in tree heaven.

Uhh, Oh no, you didn't burn it in tree hell, did you?