Friday, April 10, 2009

Flashback Friday -- Cathy & Vicky

When Lisa and I were just 'lil tikes, we loved to play house. I think in many ways, we both still do. We had this whole pretend world that was another home to us as little girls. In our pretend world, my name was Cathy Haden. My husband, Scott, and myself had four little darling children. I worked in an office, and carried a briefcase. I used to put my dad's t-shirts on as a dress, tie a belt around my waist, and prance around in play high-heeled shoes.

Lisa was my neighbor, Vicky. She and her husband, Junior (she named him this), had three little darlings and no jobs. Well, I take that back. Vicky's job was to watch my kids while I was out being a CEO and whatnot. Over and over again, we would play out the scenario of me dropping my kids off with Vicky on my way to work and picking them up on my way home.

For those of you that know Lisa or myself in real life, you can appreciate how funny it is that Vicky and Junior, who had no last name (and really, is Junior a real first name???), were the Haden's neighbors, best-friends, and child-care providers. It's just very fitting to our personalities.

And I still love to prance around in my high-heels!

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Angie said...

Some things never change...and for some things that is a good thing...