Friday, April 17, 2009

Flashback Friday -- Ug Duck

My Dad likes to nickname people... especially his children and grandchildren. I'm not sure I've ever heard him call my brother Jeremy anything other than Fred or Freddy. And Jeremy's children? They are known to my Dad as only Buligard and Pudintane (not sure I'm spelling those right).

Some of my Dad's nicknames for us have really stuck (like Freddy), while others were around for a while, then eventually evaporated. There is one nickname that my sis, Lisa, and I had for a while that I'm SOOOOOOO glad didn't stick around too long.

Introducing to the blogosphere for the first time..... Ug Duck!

And here's Ug Duck's sister, Ly Ling.

Put us together, and what do you have???

UgLy DuckLing!

Used only in the most loving way, of course (no really, it was!), and only after we were old enough for it not to cause too much damage to our self-esteem *grin*.

I'd like to add that in the photo above, you may notice that I'm wearing ugly tennis shoes with my skirt. I had been sent to school that day in sandals, but had changed into tennis shoes when my class went to gym. They had called us out of gym to take our pictures, but I was too shy to tell my teacher that I needed to change my shoes first. The parental unit was not thrilled when they saw my ugly tennis shoes in the photo!


Earl Gearl said...

Love that story! Junior says "hi".

The Family of N said...

Um...go back and make a couple of corrections: First, it's Freddy, not Freddie (did you not see my shoes!). Second, you either went to the gym or to physcial educaiton class. You did not go to gym.

Joy Lin said...

Now I know where you get your fun nickname habit.

Also, I really love that Jeremy has two spelling mistakes in his correction of your grammar.

The Family of N said...

Joy Lin - You sure know how to put a guy in his place....

Joy Lin said...

LOL! Sorry, I just couldn't resist. :)