Friday, April 24, 2009

Flashback Friday -- Where's Chris?

Time: Summer 2004

Place: Down by the river in The Quah

While we were in college, Chris and I would spend many 'o summer day hanging out down by the river. It is just part of the experience of our college town. This particular Saturday, we headed to one of our favorite parts of the river with 5 of our friends and a Subway lunch.

My friend, Angie, was driving us around in her Jeep Liberty. The vehicle sat 2 in the front, and we squeezed four in the back. We were still short one seat, so Chris volunteered to ride in the hatch with our Subway lunches.

Going to the river was always so much fun, so when we finally pulled up to our special spot, we all got so excited that we ran out of the car, threw off our shoes, and immediately started playing around in the water. The cool water felt so good on this 100 plus degree day.

After about 3 or 4 minutes, someone saw something strange off in the distance. I suggested that Chris should go out there and see what it is. Chris? Wait, where is Chris???

After looking at each other puzzled for a second, we realized that we had left Chris in the hatch of the car! We quickly ran to the car, opened the hatch, and sure enough... there sat Chris (waiting so patiently for us to remember him).

Hee-hee... it's a good thing I have a forgiving husband!


KJG said...

Oh! That makes me sad for him! I can imagine on that 100-plus-degree day that it was pretty warm in there!

Earl Gearl said...

That is hilarious!

Tracy said...

You're lucky he didn't eat all of the sub's:).

Angie said...