Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And along with the kitchen...

I decided to update some of our decorations around the house, because I needed more places for photos since we keep gaining neices and nephews. I LOVE shopping at Gordman's for home decor, so that's the first place I went!

I came across this Blessings display while shopping for frames and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It may be hard to tell in the photo, but the count them is made from black wire.

I thought this frame was too cute, so I bought it to display a couple photos of us in Africa.

I wanted a frame to hang on the wall to display photos of grandparents. This one works perfectly! Hope, Believe, and Dream are written on the glass, while For the future, In the impossible, and without limits is on the mat.

I also needed a display that held multiple photos both horizontially and vertically. This one was perfect! Also, the center can be changed out, so I thought I could scrap something to go in there when I grow tired of Live, Laugh, Love (I don't really care for that, anyway... a little cliche right now).

I had to have the frame below when I saw it. It says Family at the top and A Celebration of Love at the bottom. The photo is most of my maternal extended family. It is just so fitting! Interestingly, the wall color in the photo above and in the one below is the same. I'm not sure what happened in the photos (the photo above is the real color).

I couldn't decide between the Trust display and the Blessings display, so I decided to get them both. At $8 apiece, I couldn't resist! I put this one in our bedroom (where the walls are actually brown, not the yellow/orange color they look here!)

All of this cost me just a little more than $50 at Gordman's (which I felt was a great deal), and I just love it! I enjoy so much the difference made by just a few new items at home!


KJG said...

Oh! I need to get some new frames! I'm on my way to Gordman's soon.

Tracy said...

Love them all. I am a photo freak myself!