Monday, June 15, 2009

The Junebug Jog

This past Saturday, Chris, my dear friend Angie, and I participated in our town's first annual Junebug Jog, a 5K jog around our town lake. Angie and I have participated in a couple 5K's before, even though we're not really runners. Neither one of us had been training for this, so we just thought we would jog for a little while, then walk most of the trail. This has pretty much been our approach in other 5K's, and it's always worked just fine for us!
Well, apparently, we were the only non-joggers participating in the Junebug Jog. AND the trail looped... meaning that at the half-way point, everyone turned around and ran the same trail going the other way... passing the really slow, non-athletic people who weren't jogging the whole trail. As soon as Angie and I realized what was happening, we devised an elaborate, hair-brained scheme to cheat. Lucy and Ethel (that's us) were going to simply stoop to tie their shoes, then begin jogging the other direction when we were done.
Apparently, we're more honest than Lucy and Ethel though, and when push came to shove, our moral selves decided we'd rather be dead last than cheat.

As it turned out, we were dead last! But ONLY because the guy who should have been last DID cheat and caught a ride with the boy scouts in a mini-van. About mid-way through the trail, he was having some major problems walking and breathing, so we slowed a little to make sure he was okay. He started telling us how he really didn't want to be last, but it looked like we were going to blaze way ahead of him (which was true). After the Boy Scouts picked him up, they rode along side us chuckling about how he wasn't last after all!

Chris, on the other hand, was certainly not last! He finished 5th in his age category and 26th overall (there were 121 runners). He wasn't necessarily thrilled with this, but after I reminded him that he did not train at all, he was happier.We had a great time, despite the surprise of being the only non-joggers. After the event, Angie and I did what is much more natural to us then jogging... we went and got mani/pedis! Haha!


Earl Gearl said...

That sounds like fun!

Elana Kahn said...

I would've finished after you. :-) I can't run/jog if my life depended on it! Anyways, I'm DYING to hear about how this cycle turned out. I check my google reader constantly looking for a post from you. I'm practically biting my fingernails here in suspense. GAAAAAH! :-) I want Chloe Jo to have someone fun to play with.

Tracy said...

Good job gang. Love the mani and pedi part!!!

Angie said...

This blog makes me doubled over laughing!!!