Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Latest and Greatest

We have had two doctor's appointments since I updated last. I thought the days of going to the doctor every. single. week. were over for a while, but that was not to be *sad*.

Although, one big perk to seeing the doctor every week is that we also get to see baby girl every week. And no, she still does not have a name *sigh*.

At our appointment with Dr. N a few days ago, we were able to get some really good shots of her face. Chris was so cute... as soon as he saw her, he said, "She looks just like me!"
Which, maybe she does. I can't really tell. What do you all think?
She is still measuring small, but not getting farther behind, so that's a good thing.
We had an appointment with Dr. B (our high-risk doc) yesterday. She said everything still looks good enough that she doesn't have any major concerns at this time. However, not good enough that she was ready to release me back to seeing only Dr. N. I was disappointed with that, but we are willing to do what the doctors think we need to in order to get baby girl here safely.

She weighs a full two pounds now, and is very active in the mornings, evenings, and during the night. I just love feeling her move inside of me. I truly see being pregnant as a huge privilege granted to me by God, so I'm trying to enjoy every minute of it!
Oh, one more thing... I noticed yesterday that our ticker has less than 100 days left on it. We are down to double-digits! Whoa!


Chris said...

I said she has my big nose. Not that she looks just like me.

Adam Goode said...

I think she does look a lot like Chris, but they can change. We had 3D pictures of Reagan done and she looked just like me, fortunately she has become much cuter since then.

Tracy said...

Chris, I like the way Chelley says it better *_*.

foreveramber said...

I think she is beautiful.. when she comes out you will be absolutely amazed at what a perfect mixture she will be.... you make me really miss being pregnant :) God Bless

Angie said...

I think she does look like Chris! She has the same shaped face. Those are amazing pics! So glad you shared them!