Thursday, January 7, 2010

33 weeks!

I am now officially 33 weeks into this pregnancy, and still feeling great for the most part!

It's been a busy week with going back to work, the week before classes begin, and activities every evening. I think you can tell in the photo that I'm feeling a little tired!

Earlier this week, we had an appointment with Dr. N. The baby is looking good... growing, growing, growing! I've been having a lot of rib pain on my right side for about a week, and we found out it's because that's where her head is. Which, means that she is currently breech. Dr. N said that about 25 percent of babies will turn on their own this far along, so we are really hoping that is what she decides to do. Otherwise, he said that he'll want to do a C-section, and that's not really what we wanted. Please pray that baby decides to turn!

Dr. N does want me to go ahead and schedule a C-section date. In his words, "We know she will turn for sure if we make a plan for her not to." Haha! It feels really strange though to be actually picking a birthdate for my child. It's for sure not what I had in mind, but at this point, I've really learned just to roll with it!

We also had our first child-birth class earlier this week. I hope that the next three will be more beneficial than that one, because I sure didn't feel like I was hearing anything I didn't already know. We did "get" to watch a very real, very live video of a birth. It was just lovely as I'm sure you can imagine (I couldn't watch during... oh... pretty much all of it).

I can't believe how close we are getting to the end... or should I say the beginning *grin*!


Lisa said...

Hmmm...I think I recognize that sweater.

Your ticker is under 50 days!!!

Tracy said...

Push on her head...she'll move. Just a thought!

foreveramber said...

You are just at the begining of rolling with'll see ;)... SOOOO EXCITED!