Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby Shower Weekend {1}

This past weekend were our first two of four baby showers that we are having. I considered these two showers "smaller", but I was shocked at the amount of stuff we received for baby! We are certainly blessed with so many people that want to help us celebrate our little blessing!

My mother-in-law hosted shower #1 in the small town where Chris's grandparents have lived for 30 years and where his parents live now. I didn't know most of the women in attendance, but many of them have known Chris since he was born.
She made a cute diaper cake for the gift table.
Chloe (my sister's baby) was ready to parrrrrrr-tay!
She really wanted in on the gift opening, so I let her sit at my feet and open a few!
My mom wrote down who gave what so I could keep it all straight for later. Notice Chloe in on the action here, too!
Chris's grandma made this beautiful blanket for baby.
This little outfit is from "MeMe" (Chris's mom).
My mom made this little bag and put a few essentials in it.
Isn't it cute? I have pillows in the nursery that match this fabric.
From my family, my sister Lisa, her daughter Chloe, my Granny, my Mom, and my Aunt Cindy were all able to join me. It was a special day!
Chris's mom and grandma were also able to be there.
"MeMe" and "G-Jo"... the baby's grandmothers. This is grandchild #3 for MeMe and #7 for G-Jo.
The next day, my dear friends Tia and Tracy hosted another shower for Chris and me at our home church.
They did such a great job decorating and making it special! Love the cute cake and matching accessories!
What a cute clothesline of baby clothes!
The gift table...
My Aunt Cindy and Uncle Justin gave Chris a "Daddy Diapering Kit". Chris was a great sport about it! I can't wait to see him change his first diaper *grin*!
My mom made this blanket for baby. This pattern is a tradition in our family.
Aunt Lisa made this little jacket with matching booties and a hat. Can't wait to try it on baby!
We were so thrilled that my grandparents were able to be with us for the weekend. If I've counted correctly (BIG if), our baby will be their 19th great-grandchild. This fact, however, has not diminished their excitement and love for our baby! They have made us and baby feel so special!
My Aunt and Uncle were kind enough to drive my grandparents down for the weekend. I was so glad they were able to join us, too. I loved showing them a glimpse of our life!
I think by the time the weekend was over, little Chloe was ready to go home! BUT, she was a good sport as everyone passed her around and played with her. Lisa gave me a couple outfits that match outfits that Chloe has, so hopefully there will be "twin" photos in our future, haha!
The baby-daddy and I are SOOOO excited to meet our little one!
After we got everything home, I just had to unpack it and go through all of it again (and yes, I've already washed and put it all away!). As you can see, we did receive several big items. However, I really couldn't believe how many clothes we got (lots of blankets, too). Baby clothes are small, so I don't think the picture really tells how much there is... well over 50 onesies though!

It was such a great weekend spending time celebrating our baby with family and friends!!!

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Elana Kahn said...

Wow, look at all the stuff!!!! You are so one gave me a baby shower, because all of my family is in New York and I couldn't go before or after the twins were born. In my community people just don't give baby least no one offered to throw me one. :-( My out-of-town family did send me things, but it would've been great to have a celebration with cake and stuff.

You must be getting SOOOO excited!!! It's only a few more weeks until baby!!