Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Space Blogs

Several years ago, before I began this blog, I would blog some on My Space. Recently, I shut down my My Space account, but I wanted to be sure and keep those early blogs. Those blogs were almost exclusively about infertility, as I was just beginning to talk about my journey openly with others.

Anyway, so before I shut down my account, I saved those blogs. I have now published them on this site (at the very beginning, in chronological order) so I would have them. They are labeled My Space Blogs if you are interested in reading them... which I know you probably aren't, but I wanted to put this out there just in case.

Also, I've recently gotten a few new followers on this blog. WELCOME!!! Thank you for reading about my journey. It has been exciting, therapeutic, and wonderful to share it with you!


Angie said...

I need to shut my myspace account down too. I never check it. It is too cluttered.

Lisa said...

Woop! Woop! Your poll let me vote twice!!!

foreveramber said...

I agree with Myspace shut down however on a new note.... Do you feel like the most blessed woman EVER when you read your blogs?.. I do... I feel like I overcame with God by my side ... like I won.. anyway just wondering your thoughts now that you have won the ultimate prize and look back on the days you thought it would never happen... I think there is no time I have ever felt so blessed and so loved by God