Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hippity Hop

Before I start with the weekend update and photos in this post, I have to ask, is anyone still reading my blog? I haven't had any comments on the my last two posts... something that's never happened before. Maybe I'm spoiled with comments, but I love it when I get them! If anyone is still reading, please let me know!

Now, on to the Easter holiday update!

The same lady that took the beautiful photo in the last post also took this one for Easter: It makes me laugh every time I see it! Brianna wasn't too thrilled to be shoved in that basket, but what a cute photo it made! There were actually two live bunnies posed by the basket, but the other one hopped away before our photographer could snap the photo.

Although we celebrate the Christ, His sacrifice for us, and His resurrection every Sunday, we still have fun getting dressed up and spending time with family on Easter. Brianna loved her Easter basket... can't you tell? *grin* Her basket had a mini Cabbage Patch Kid dressed as a bunny, a board book, and a springy cotton dress in it.

In these photos, she is sitting in a beautiful wooden rocking chair that my dad made for me when I was a baby. I just love her pretty little dress! She's only 6 weeks old, so it was a bit of a challenge to carefully prop her up in the chair so she wouldn't flop over. We did it though!

Our Easter tradition is to go to Chris's grandparents house after church for a family dinner. This year, Chris's mom held the dinner at her house, but his grandparents were there (they actually live just down the hill from his parents). This was their first time to meet their great-granddaughter. What a sweet moment. I hope you all had a great holiday, too!


Lisa said...

I still read and love your blog!

And Littlest too!

Elana said...

I'm still here! Now that picture of a baby on the that Brianna or is that the Cabbage Patch Doll? There's such a strong likeness I can hardly tell them apart! :-)

Mercedes said...

Hey I commented on the last posts...
Maybe you just aren't reading my comments. lol.
Love the Easter pix.

Angie said...

I'm in your blog world!

Adam G. said...

I am getting caught up. I have been out of town on business and away from my computer, with the exception of the one Facebook update.