Monday, April 12, 2010

Rock-a-bye Baby

When I was born, my dad built this beautiful wooden cradle for me to sleep in.

My parents kept the cradle for me until I got married, and Chris and I have had it ever since. It has been through countless moves, survived the four children my parents raised, and has had numerous occupants.
Somehow, it is still in fantastic shape, and it is now Brianna's turn to sleep in it.
Our sweet girl naps in it every day.
I just love that I finally get to see my daughter in my cradle. It's been waiting so long for you Baby B!
On a side note, while I was going through old photos to find a few of me in the cradle, I came across this photo of my mom and me (at 6 weeks old):

Apparently, I had quite the head of hair as a wee one as well! Oh, and the blanket in this photo was in my Baby Box, so B uses that now, too. I'm so thankful that my parents saved these special things for us!


Elana said...

That is so neat! The cradle looks new, and Brianna looks amazing lying in it. :-)

Joy Lin said...

Wow, she's about to outgrow it already.

Angie said...

Awe, I think you and little B look alike in your baby pics!

Me said...

Hi your children are so CUTE