Friday, June 18, 2010

Brianna is 4 months old!

It sure seems like it wasn't that long ago that I was writing Brianna's 3 month update, yet here we are again.

Here is my happy little girl this morning taking her monthly photo with Baby Kelly:

I've worked on de-sensitizing Brianna to Baby Kelly, so this morning she didn't mind having her picture taken with her (or Momma putting her arm around the baby doll she once hated).
Our sweet girl is getting sweeter everyday. She has now outgrown all but a few pieces of her 0 to 3 months clothes, and is wearing almost all 3 to 6 month clothing. I haven't started her on baby food or rice cereal yet, but Chris and I will give her little bites of different foods every now and then. She loves ice cream! Brianna will babble and talk constantly when she's awake. She talks through church and while she plays and even wakes up in the night and talks herself back to sleep. She's the happiest little thing and just loves to laugh and coo. When I go to get her up in the mornings, she will look at me and just smile as big as she can. What a great way to start the day!
We are constantly laughing at B's many facial expressions. She has great "puzzled" and "surprised" looks. When she isn't thrilled about something, her tone and her face make her seem like she's truly griping. She loves to give kisses by opening her mouth and slobbering all over my face *grin*!Daddy is still one her favorite people (second only to Mommy, I think). Every time he holds her she thinks she needs to touch his beard. She must like the way it feels. She has really started to grab at things this month and will try to get Daddy's glasses. She has only been successful with the glasses a few times, but she is getting better and better at grabbing toys.
She met her friend, Lizzy (my friend Angie's dog) and they loved each other. Lizzy wanted to lick B all over and B wanted handfuls of Lizzy's hair. Brianna wasn't scared of Lizzy (and I'm glad because I am terrified of dogs). We had some really big storms this month and she didn't act scared then either.
Brianna is still nursing like a pro when she's with Mommy and taking bottles when I am at work. She doesn't much appreciate the bottles, but she does okay with them most of the time. She is such an easy baby to care for as she will swing, play in her bouncy seat, and play on the floor on her playmat for up to an hour! When she's ready for her nap, she will do this cough/cry thing as a signal that she needs to be put to bed.She's super-easy to put to bed... very low maintenance. After being swaddled up, she will just lay in her bed until she falls asleep. However, she is still not sleeping through the night! We are working on it, but I just don't know what to do to make it happen. If anyone has a magic solution, please share!
Everyone keeps telling me that her hair will calm down, but I have yet to see that happen. In fact, it keeps getting more and more wild! This photo was taken after a rainy, humid day. I did not fix her hair like this... it did this all on its own!
While I've been finishing my last few weeks at work, various people have been taking care of Brianna. She has done great with all her different caretakers. My sister has helped me out several times, so Chloe and Brianna have started to become good little friends. Brianna just watches cousin Chloe, waiting patiently for the day she will be able to keep up with her I'm sure!
Our biggest change this month is that Brianna can now roll over! She rolls from her back to her belly, then gets frustrated because she can't get rolled over to her back again. She rolled over for the first time on June 3rd while my friend Tracy was keeping her (I was at work). If she can get herself unswaddled (which she usually can), she will roll in her crib. She also turns in circles in her crib and when she plays on the floor. She is just getting so big so fast!
I love this age... we are just having too much fun soaking up every minute with our girl *smile*!


Lisa said...

We love that sweet, sweet girl!

Joy Lin said...

I love this morning's pictures! What a cute, happy baby girl you have. :)

Sara and Cayce said...

HAHA I laughed and smiled through the whole post! Poor B she would be IN TROUBLE in SC with that hair! 80% humidity daily has a similar effect on my hair!

Angie said...

I just love seeing all of her pics!!! She gets cuter every time you post new pics! So glad B and L had a good experience for their first meet!