Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our First Date

Tonight, the Hubs and I went on a date. Our first date since Baby B was born!

Chris arranged for his mom to come and watch the little one while he and I ventured out on our own. Before we left, I wanted a family pic. I thought this came out pretty cute!

Hubby and I took off in our sports car and headed to the nearby city. It was a lot harder for me to leave her than I thought it would be... but it was nice to have an evening with just hubs.

We decided to eat at this cute restaurant downtown. I'd never been there before, but I definitely want to go back!

I had Chicken Parmigiana... so good!

We ordered an appetizer, but it never came. Once our waitress realized what happened, she gave us this coupon for a free appetizer on our next visit. Score!

After dinner, we walked around downtown for a bit...

... then went to a baseball game!

It's just a local minor league team, but it was still fun!

We ended the night with a visit to Orange Leaf... a self-serve fro-yo place. YUMMMMM!

I'll definitely go on a second date with this guy! I hope he asks me *grin*.


Sara and Cayce said...

Too cute! I'm so jealous. I wish we had someone we could rely on to watch Lily! Alas no fam anywhere near. When we were home Mom literally kicked us out of the house the night we arrived. She forced us to run an errand without Lily. Woo Hoo Cleveland Wally World. She didn't give me time to think or react, probably the best way she could have done it. I still felt naked and sad without her.

Tracy said...

I am glad u guys had fun!! Try to have a date once a month:))