Thursday, October 7, 2010

Saying "Dada"

I've been trying off and on to get Brianna to say "Dada" on video for me. Below are two videos where I think it's pretty clear. I think I'm a little annoying in the videos, so please excuse that!

I had to laugh while watching this one... the last time she says it, it sounds like her tone says, "Okay, if I say Dada will you just let me play?!?" Also, she's not crawling quite yet, but you can certainly see how close she is to taking off.


Lisa said...

Cute! I hope she does better with talking then Chloe Jo!

When you said "say bye bye", Chloe waved at B. Hee hee. I love our little sweeties.

Angie said...

That was a definite "Dada!" How cute!!!! She gets cuter everyday!

meisje said...

That was the cutest thing ever! Analena watched it with me. She said she loved that baby.

Sara and Cayce said...

Smart girl!! Lily loved playing with B. She especially liked the growling noise in the second video. She was speaking Lily's language! I got a nice picture of her watching the video. I'll have to post it when we get home.