Friday, October 15, 2010


I know this is just a {very small} taste of what is to come, but Brianna has been into EVERYTHING lately. I honestly wasn't expecting her to be like this quite yet *grin*.

The other morning, I walked into the bedroom for a minute, and when I returned to the living room, this is what I found:

She is so fast at getting into things now, that I had no sooner turned around to put the camera down, and she had succeeded in taking a cd out of the drawer. So, of course, I picked the camera back up. I love the look of innocence! Can anyone say TROUBLE???

Oh, and I know I've been posting a lot of video lately, but the one below is perfect for this post. This is what Brianna was doing when she was supposed to be sleeping the other night. She is such a night-owl it is ridiculous. Normally, she would be in trouble for this behavior, but this time we just whipped out the camera instead. I know, BAD parents! And yes, that is her screeching at the beginning of the video *sigh*.


Mercedes said...

Not bad parents. Capturing moments like this is so much more important than keeping a bedtime!

meisje said...

Time to Baby proof.

Sara and Cayce said...

OMG. So absolutely precious! Both videos... really. I love it! Of course I'm sure you'd love the bedtime video a bit more if it were filmed at say 4:00 in the afternoon. :-D

Tracy said...

She is busy!! Just wait til she can RUN:)) lol
I love how happy she was a bedtime, too funny.