Monday, March 28, 2011

They're back.

The cysts on my ovaries, that is. They are back. And that pretty much sums up what I found out when I went to see my Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE), Dr. P, this morning.

My appointment was first thing this morning, and took what seemed like forever. I was there over an hour and a half. Chris met me there (his office is only a few minutes away from the clinic) and watched Brianna while I met with Dr. P.

After Dr. P and I visited for a few minutes about some of the symptoms I have been experiencing, he did a full exam (including pap smear) and ultrasound. The very first time I saw him, he said my ovaries looked like swiss cheese on the ultrasound screen because they had so many cysts on them. This time, he said they looked like chocolate chip cookies. I'm not sure why he likes to compare my body parts to food, but I personally like the chocolate chip cookies comparison better, haha!

Anyway, the cysts on my ovaries have returned, but the good news is that things do not look as bad as they did when we were starting this process last time. I completely expected to see that the cysts had returned (I knew the symptoms I had been having were directly related to my PCOS), but was still a bit disappointed that I was right.

It's going to take some time to get my body in shape before we'll be able to begin fertility treatments again. Right now, this is the plan:

3/29 -- begin Provera (10 mg tablets, once a day, for 10 days) to clean out uterus
3/29 -- begin Metformin (850 mg tablets, 2x a day) to help with the insulin resistance part of PCOS
4/18 -- fluid-contrast ultrasound of uterus to check for polyps and other abnormalities
4/19 -- IF everything looks good and my body is responding as planned, begin birth control to control my cycling.
5/3 -- IF everything looks good and my body is responding as planned, begin fertility treatments.

At best, we are looking at at least 5 weeks before we'll be able to begin fertility treatments. However, in the grand scheme of things, I know that 5 weeks is not long and will likely fly by. One of the most frustrating parts of infertility for me is all the waiting, but it's just part of the package.

We always appreciate prayers on our behalf for this intense process.

On a happier note, after my appointment this morning, Brianna and I had a lunch-date with Megan and super-sweet baby Drew (12 weeks old). After lunch, they came back to our place for a bit, and Brianna LOVED having baby Drew here! She had so much trouble keeping her little hands off of him while he slept in his carseat. So, after he woke up, we let her hold him: She was so proud of herself... the look on her face cracks me up! Drew looks a bit concerned, ha!

Then, this evening, we went to visit my dear friend who lost her grandpa this past weekend. We brought her a box of goodies: Some of the goodies had already been eaten by the time I snapped this pic, but it included cupcakes, short-bread cookies, brownies on a stick, and cake balls. YUM!

It's been quite a busy day. I hope you all had a great Monday!


Cayce, Sara, and Lily said...

I wanna live by you just so when something tragic in my life happens (like my DVR not recording an episode of Amazing Race) I too can receive a goody basket. That's probably wrong... :-D

Lisa said...

Brianna looks so cute with baby Drew!!! She definitely needs a little to hold.

Congrats on reaching 50 followers. I want a giveaway!!!