Friday, March 4, 2011

Let's make music!

Recently, Brianna and I have started attending a Mommy & Me Music Class once a week called Bouncin' Beethovens. I had been thinking about enrolling B in the class, then a very generous friend gave B some classes for her birthday. We have been having SO much fun!

The classes are in the nearby Big City, and the room where they are held is so cute. Brianna loves this {somewhat creepy} clarinet player that is painted on the wall. There is a pink poodle walking behind her that B also thinks is great.

These pics definitely DO NOT show how excited B is in class. The day that I took the photos was the day after she had gotten her 1 year shots. Also, one of the toddlers had come into the class crying, which set off another little boy, which set off Brianna. She never quite recovered from it. But, she really does LOVE the class.

One of the activities that we do includes playing with these rhythm sticks. We tap them on the ground, drum them with the beat of the music, and rub them together to make different sounds. I'm not sure how/why B has three sticks... it looks like she swiped one from someone else (she likes to do that). Oh, and it looks like the room is empty, but it was just coincidence that no one was in the background of this photo.

We also do an activity where we use scarves and move to the music. We wave them high and low, in circles above our head, and up and down. B would rather take a taste of the scarf :-).

"Hmmm, I think I'd rather have the yellow scarf instead of the pink one..."

We also do free play with percussion instruments while music plays in the background. B is all business when it comes to this part!

We do lots of other fun things like singing, clapping rythms, using bells, using shaker toys, playing with colorful balls, etc. One activity includes the children going to sit in the teacher's lap and repeat tones. I wasn't sure how B would react to this, but she just toddles right up there and takes her turn. Most of the time, she doesn't want to come back to me because she likes everyone to look at her and clap for her. *sigh* She also loves to walk around the room (we all sit in a circle on the floor) and pat the other children (especially babies) on the head. It cracks me up!

And... just for fun, here are a few pics of Brianna with her Papa. They came over to watch her for us one night, and these are pics that Meme took. Brianna loves it when Papa plays the guitar! She especially loves to clap and tap and bounce along with the music.


Lisa said...

That sounds so fun!

Mercedes said...

Cute! Wish they had those here. They stopped doing them here during the recession.