Monday, April 4, 2011

Rough Week

Tuesday marks one full week back on Metformin (prescribed by my RE to help with my PCOS), and I can officially say that I HATE this med right now! The adjustment hasn't been a smooth one, to say the least.

I took Metformin for about 2 years before I became pregnant with Brianna. I remember it being a difficult adjustment last time as well, but not as hard as it has been this time. After looking up the dosage I was on before, I discovered that previously I was on two 500 mg tablets a day. Now, I am taking two 850 mg tablets a day, so that is quite a bit more medicine reeking havoc on my body every day.

Even though I'm being VERY careful about what I eat and doing my best to get excersise every day, I've been spending waaaaay too much time in the bathroom and laying on the couch. The hardest part is that I feel so guilty that Brianna has a mom that is not 100 percent right now.

The other day, while I was preoccupied in the bathroom, B stood outside of the door, hit it with her little hand, and said, "Mama ... Mama ... Mama?" over and over again. UGH. It made me want to cry. I just hate that she isn't the one wanting another baby in this house, yet she is sacrificing for it. She just doesn't understand, and it makes me wonder if we are doing the right thing :-(. I really hope that I get adjusted to the Met soon, and can get back to spending lots of time with my little girl.

Oh, and I feel like I need to say that I am incredibly thankful that Chris and I have the resources to be seeing our RE again and to be getting help with my infertility. I know this is all part of the deal, and that this will {hopefully} all be worth it in the end. I'm not complaining about what I'm going through right now . . . just keeping it real :-).

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Emily said...

Hey new blog friend :) I'm so glad you found me so I could find you and start PRAYING for you during this time!!! I cannot imagine how difficult infertility struggles are and I'm sure you appreciate every single second of being a mommy don't you? It WILL happen again! Try not to worry or stress and just give it to God :)