Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I'm so enjoying this weekly link-up (and link-ups are generally not my thing!). Join in on the fun here if you don't already! I'm loving my new chipboard album that I bought a few weeks ago. Birds are still my animal crush, so birds + scrapbooking = irresistible for me!

{chipboard album by Maya Road}

I can't wait to see how it turns out using my new paper pack! I {big heart} paper!

{Here's a peek at some of the papers...}

I'm loving that I have a super-affectionate daughter! She loves to give kisses, and makes the sweetest little kissing noise when she does.

I'm loving that I get to see my brother and his family this weekend. We haven't seen them since Christmas.

I'm loving this little dress that Brianna wore the other night. I'm pretty sure she was loving it, too. She pranced all around in it!

I'm loving this card making kit. The colors, textures, designs . . . love it all!

{sold at Archiver's}

Annnnnnnd finally, MARSHMALLOW PEEPS . . . need I say more?!?


Lisa said...

Brianna is so cute in that dress! Love it!

Greer's Gossip said...

Cute, cute pictures! She is precious!

Tiff said...

Sweet kisses! I hope my son is the same way.. At one, he is then he isnt.. so we will see!

Amy said...

I love the dress and I love baby kisses too... my daughter has been ultra affectionate this week too... I think she missed me this weekend.... and I'm totally loving it :)
Your newest follower

Wes and Kendall said...

Yay for the Scottie dog dress. I totally had one when I was a little girl. Also, yay for peeps! I wish I had some right now...