Monday, August 15, 2011

Pregnancy Update: 15 Weeks!

I'm sitting here 15 weeks pregnant watching Rascal Flatts on the television. I love Rascal Flatts!

Here I am today:

This has been a really good week! It was busy, but my energy has almost returned to normal, so I felt like I could keep up with myself. Always a good thing!

I'm not craving any foods in particular, but I do have a few food aversions. Mostly, I'm not feeling meat at all. I am still enjoying beans and eggs though (not together).

Chris taught Brianna to pat my belly and say "baby". He actually taught her this about month or so ago, but she stopped doing it for a while. Now that my belly is getting a little bigger, she's doing it again. It's really cute, but several times I've caught her patting her own belly and saying "baby". Haha! I wonder what she'll think when my belly is HUGE?

When I was pregnant with B, I had really bad restless legs. For those of you that have experienced the indescribable sensation of restless legs, you understand how uncomfortable it can be! One night, I couldn't sleep because of it, and in my desperation for some relief, I googled "home remedies for restless legs". There was a lot of information out there, but one thing that kept popping up everywhere was to put a bar of soap under your sheet at the foot of your bed. Like I said, I was desperate, so I tried it (even though I thought it sounded kind of crazy). Well, sure enough, it worked! It wasn't immediate relief, but after about 3 or so days, I noticed my legs were so much calmer at night. After about a week, the symptoms went away altogether. I left the soap in the sheets until about 6 weeks after I had B, then threw it out. I haven't had any problems with restless legs since then.

However, about a week ago, I started having those restless leg sensations again. They weren't terrible, but I felt like they would only get worse. I have read in several places that this is not uncommon for pregnant women.Chris reminded me about putting the soap in the bed, so a bar of soap has once again made its home in our sheets! Sure enough, after about 3 days, my symptoms are all but gone when I'm in bed. I haven't been able to find any reasons for why it works, but there are many testimonials online of people saying that it worked for them. If you have restless legs, you should give it a try!

This hasn't been the most exciting update, but I kind of like non-exciting updates :-)

Happy Monday!

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