Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pregnancy Update: 19 weeks!

I logged into blogger to post a What I'm Loving Wednesday blog and realized that I never posted my weekly pregnancy update. Ooops! So yes, it's a few days late, but here it is.

Here I am 19 weeks pregnant:
Until this week, I have been wearing a hybrid of maternity and regular tops (although all maternity pants/shorts). However, the baby bump is now big enough that regular tops are really beginning to look too short and too tight, so they will be retired for a while.

My skin has been terrible lately . . . very broken out. When I was pregnant with Brianna, my skin was clearer than it had been in years, but not this time around.

Along with the bad skin, I also have a bad temper. Blech . . . I don't like writing that, but I'm afraid it's true. I have been short tempered, irritable, and super-sensitive since the very beginning of this pregnancy, and it's not getting better. Chris has a theory that this is because I'm having a boy and have extra testoterone in my system. I have no idea if this is legit or not. What do you all think?

Our 20 week OB appointment is next week (already?), so I hope I'll have some decent photos of Mr. Man to share then!


Life With Lauren said...

Adorable! I hope you feel better though. Good luck at the appointment:)

Mallorie said...

Bummer about how you're feeling :-( that's no fun...maybe it is because it's a boy! That's a good theory!!! you look super cute in your picture and I would've never guessed you were having skin problems! It looks awesome in the picture!!! Can't wait for pictures of your little man!

Angie said...

I love that you are calling him "Mr. Man." That just makes me laugh!