Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pregnancy Update: 21 weeks!

Who is a great big blog slacker?!?

Yep, that'd be me :-). Unfortunately, I don't foresee it getting better for the next couple of weeks, but eventually life will slow down a bit and I will blog again. Right?

This week, I turned 21 weeks pregnant with our baby boy. Although I didn't post the update on Monday, I did have Chris snap a quick pic of the belly:
I can't believe how BIG I'm looking these days. I felt like I got huge with Brianna, so I wonder how big I'll get this time around? This is the only belly shot that I've taken in the evening, and there is quite a difference between morning belly and evening belly these days. Evening belly looks and feels MUCH bigger.

This week, I have felt lots and lots of movement and it keeps getting stronger. I love love love this feeling! In fact, he's kicking away right now. I wonder if he knows I'm talking about him *grin*? Chris has been able to feel him kick several times, and those are always special moments.

I love this time in pregnancy. The nausea and fatigue are gone, but I'm not uncomfortably big yet. I can feel him move, but the movements aren't painful. This is the best phase of pregnancy, I think.

Brianna has become very un-interested in the baby. If we ask her questions about the baby, she doesn't want to talk about him. She can say his name, but won't often. The other night before bed we were getting ready to say her night-time prayer with her. We asked her what she wanted to thank God for, and she said, "Mama, Dada, Gampy, G-Jo, Annie". I said, "What about the baby? Do you want to thank God for him?", to which she replied, "Nope!" Haha! Oh dear.

There were several times this week when I found myself out of breath or not quite able to bend fully at the waist to reach something. I told Chris that I was definitely feeling pregnant . I know that's an odd thing to say since I obviously AM pregnant, but I don't always feel pregnant. I am rapidly losing my ability to bend at the waist though. I gave myself a pedicure today while I still can :-).

I am going to do his name reveal later today, so check back!

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Life With Lauren said...

You look amazing! Can't wait to hear the name :)