Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nursery Craftiness

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been making some major progress on Brenson's room. Our house is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house (pretty standard for this area). One bedroom is the master with a door directly into the master bath. Before children, we used one of the other bedrooms as a guest room, and the other bedroom as an office and scrapbooking room.

When Brianna was born, we combined the guest bedroom/office/scrapbooking room into one and gave Brianna the former office/scrap room.

Now, I have had the task of cleaning out the guest/office/scrap room for Brenson. As rooms like these often do, it had become a bit of a catch-all for the stuff we didn't have any other place for. Sooooo, I've spent quite a bit of time cleaning out the closet, under the bed, etc in that room. I have also made a place for my scrapbooking stuff (including an armoire full of supplies) and our desk/computer in our master bedroom. Now that the room is cleaned out, I can finally start decorating it as a little man's nursery. Yipee!!!

The walls in that room are already painted a soft, powder blue color. They look much more periwinkle in these photos than they actually are. We are leaving the room that color, but probably adding an orange accent wall. I'm still talking Chris into that part :-).

We have ordered and picked up Brenson's bed, but we haven't put it together yet. I also have his bedding which is primarily brown with accents of blue, orange, and green. We have a few things for the walls, but I still need to order a few things (I've already picked them out).

Okay, so now this post has become a lot longer than I intended. Ooops :-). The point of this post is to show you all the latest project that I just finished for the nursery. It's a mobile . . . and I love it! 
My sister made one for her little girl's room back in the spring, and I thought it was too cute! As I mentioned in a previous post, we recently took a little trip to see them so she helped me put this one together for Brenson's room:
It was really SO easy! If you're interested in making one, she posted a tutorial here. I did tweak this just a bit because I wanted to use {a lot} more than 7 patterns.

Oh, and this isn't its final place in the nursery. I just needed a place to hang it for now so that it doesn't get crumpled up.


Lisa said...

It looks really good with those blue walls! I'm posting about this project today, too!

Anonymous said...

That is so cute. Lisa has a beautiful gift of making things.