Friday, December 9, 2011

Bed Transition Part 2

You may remember that we transitioned Brianna to a toddler bed a couple months ago. The transition was okay . . . a little rough at first, but it didn't take her long to adjust. We had planned on leaving her in the toddler bed until the first of December, but ended up needing a full-sized bed for company in the middle of November. 

We really talked up having a big bed with Brianna, and I even took her with me when I purchased her new bedding. She was so excited about her new "bankets"! After converting her crib into a full-sized bed, she couldn't wait to sleep in it!
It's a little too high for her to climb up onto by herself right now, but she still loves it!
Who's excited about their new bed?!? Brianna is!
She slept in it for the first time all night on November 14th, and did GREAT! In fact, we have had ZERO problems with her being in a big bed. She has not fallen out or gotten out of it without permission one time. Doesn't she look tiny in that big bed *sigh*?
I have truly been shocked at what an easy transition this has been . . . but feel SO BLESSED that she is so easy-going. We had purchased a removable bed rail for it, but since she obviously doesn't need it we took that back to the store.

I'm a little sad that she's in a big bed so soon, but it's what we need to do right now. And since she doesn't mind at all, that certainly makes it easier on me.

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Chris said...

I love the closeup of Brianna. I am stealing it for my office.