Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December Fun: Brianna's Christmas Tree

During the holiday season, I like the house to feel festive. I don't go completely overboard decorating, but we certainly put up our fair share. This year, my sister bought her little girl a pink Christmas tree for her bedroom, and that inspired me to buy a purple Christmas tree for Brianna's room.

Brianna was with me when I purchased the tree ($20 at the local Wally World and it's prelit . . . can't beat that!). Since this is the first tree we set up in the house (and yes, we put it up before Thanksgiving *gasp*), she didn't really understand what I meant when I said we were putting a tree in her room. However, once we started to set it up, she got super excited! 

Helping Daddy fluff the tree:
Examining the lights:
We bought just a few small ornaments for the tree at first. I'm actually really glad we only bought a few because she has since gotten several sets of small ornaments as gifts.

Daddy helping Brianna hang the ornaments on the tree:
Making a few more adjustments:
Loving the "pitty lights" in her room!
And, the finished product:
We did end up getting her a foot switch to turn the tree on and off because I caught her trying to plug it in herself one day after we had gotten home from the store. Eeeeek! With the foot switch, she can safely turn it on and off herself . . . which she loves to do.

Her purple tree looks so perfect and festive in her room. Love it!


Lisa said...

Eek! It's so cute!

Mallorie said...

So sweet! I need to put Emma Claire's pink tree together...Only a few more days until Christmas!!!