Saturday, December 24, 2011

December Fun: Meeting Santa

A few weeks ago, MeMe (The MIL) and I took Brianna to see Santa. She loves things in costume (remember the Hillcat), so I figured we would have no problems meeting Santa. However, because I knew kids can be unpredictable at times, I did spend some time talking to her about meeting Santa.

I told Brianna that he was nice and that she would sit on his lap and that would ask her about what she wants for Christmas. Up until that point, we hadn't really ever asked her what she wanted for Christmas, so I took that opportunity to ask, "What are you going to tell Santa you want for Christmas?" Do you know what the child said?!? She looked right at me and said, "A dog!" Ei-yi-yi!!! I am soooooo not a dog person, but it seems that Little Miss is. 

So, while standing in line to see Santa (we had to wait about 15 minutes), she was so excited. She told me she would sit on his lap and smile for the photo, etc. However, when we actually got up there, this was all we could get:
She did sit on Santa's lap and she didn't cry, but there was no way she was going to smile! She also would not talk to him. I was so surprised! This is the child that talks to all kinds of random people everywhere we go.

After we were at a safe distance, she did wave over to Santa and say, "Bye Santa. See you later!"

Stinker :-).

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