Friday, December 16, 2011

The Mean Ole Fox

As part of Brianna's bedtime routine, we sing three songs and say a prayer each night before we put her in bed. She loves to sing, so this is one of her favorite times of the day. We let her choose which songs she wants to sing, and lately one song that she has been choosing every single night has been the "Box Song". It goes like this:

The devil is a mean ole fox
If I could I'd put him in a box
Put him in a box and throw away the key
For all those tricks he's played on me.
I love Jesus
I love Jesus
I love Jesus
And I love Him more each day.  

It has cute little motions that Brianna likes to do, and she loves to say "Devil mean ole fox".

After we sing, we'll generally ask her some questions. Questions such as, "Who do we love?" (and she'll say, "Jesus!") and "Who is a mean ole fox?" (and she'll say, "the devil!").

Well, last night she was mad at Daddy because he had just brushed her teeth while getting her ready for bed (she hates having her teeth brushed). So, when I asked her, "Who is a mean ole fox?", she promptly replied, "Daddy!"

Then, went "Heh-heh" in a really naughty sort of way.

Oh. my.


Lisa said...

LOL! She is so funny!

asg said...

This really made me laugh! Kids say the funniest things!