Monday, December 19, 2011

Pregnancy Update: 33 weeks!

Today, I'm 33 weeks pregnant . . . less than 50 days to go!
This is me at 33 weeks with Brianna:
I like my hair so much better in the pic where I'm pregnant with Brianna. I need a haircut, haha!

We had an appointment with Dr. N first thing this morning. I was surprised that I had gained 2 pounds because I was sick with stomach issues most of last week and ate very little (and didn't keep down much of what I did eat). That puts my total weight gain at 24 pounds. Hopefully, I'll stay on track to stay under what I gained with Brianna. So far, so good! My blood pressure was 118 over 70, so that is still good as well.

Brenson is head down, and I hope he stays that way! Brianna was breach until 36 weeks (I think), so there was talk of scheduling a C-section with her, and that's really not what I would prefer. Dr. N joked about what a photogenic baby Brenson is because today he had his face buried in the placenta. I've pretty much given up on a good face shot, and am content to wait until his birth day to see his precious face.

When the nurse called us back for the appointment, Brianna got so excited that she jumped out of the chair she was sitting in in the waiting room and took off running to the nurse. It was so funny! She was ready to see the "baby doctor". She kept saying she was going to give him a high-five, but once he came in the room, she decided against that. The appointment was fast (although the wait was long) and uneventful . . . which I am thankful for! I had too many eventful appointments with Brianna, so I'll take these standard, boring appointments any day.

Who can believe Christmas is in 5 days???

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Mallorie said...

Under 50 days!!! YAY! :-) I bet you're getting so excited to meet your little man!!! I'm glad your appointment went well! You look so great for 33 weeks!!!!