Saturday, March 10, 2012

Brenson is One Month Old!

Today, our little Brenson-man is one month old! Look how much he's grown already!

{at two weeks old}

{at one month old}

There is no doubt that Brenson is a big boy. He never wore many of his newborn sized clothes, and only wore newborn sized diapers for about a week (and only because we had opened one package). He currently wears size 1 diapers and size 0-3 month and 3 month clothing. Many of his 0-3 month onesies don't fit because Brenson is so long, so I bought a set of onesie extenders, and they work very well. 

Brenson is on a good 3 hour schedule. We do the Babywise method of eat-wake-sleep, beginning our day at 7 am (so he eats at 7, 10, 1, 4, etc). At night, I dream-feed him around 10:00pm, and he generally sleeps until 3:30 or 4:00am. I think that's great for his age! He is a GREAT nurser, and we haven't had any issues with eating so far.

Brenson has even taken a few bottles of pumped milk. Daddy fed him his first bottle on March 12, and it was completely without incident. He has also taken the bottle from me.

Taking that bottle like a champ:

One issue that we are having is with gas/upset tummy. Brianna was a VERY spitty baby (she seriously spit-up CONSTANTLY until about 7 months old). However, she was rarely fussy, gained weight with no problems, and never really acted like she was in pain. Because of this, we just dealt with the spit-up and she eventually outgrew it. Brenson also spits up a lot (not quite as much as Brianna), but he often acts like his tummy hurts him and he fusses a lot before he spits-up or burps. We are trying to do all we can to help with the gas issues, but it's frustrating because he is discontent much of the time :-(.

The lovely baby acne made its appearance about a week and a half ago. So far though, it hasn't been too terrible and already seems like it's clearing up. When Brianna got it (much worse than Brenson), it bothered me SO much. This time, I know it will go away so I'm totally not stressing about it. Perk of having been through this before :-).

Brenson's belly button cord fell off when he was 11 days old. After that, we could give him real baths. He doesn't care much for bathtime, but he does love to have his hair washed.

And he certainly likes to be snuggled after bath. He loves being wrapped up tight and snuggled. He also likes having his head covered when cuddling with Mommy or Daddy.

Speaking of Brenson's hair, it is getting lighter already. Also, he has lost a lot of it off the top of his head. I think that is strange since he doesn't rub the top of his head while he sleeps or otherwise, but that's where he's going bald. Brianna had TONS of hair, so it's strange to me that he doesn't have much.

He started to smile at about 5 days old (as a reflex), and in response to me at around 2 weeks old. He's pretty stingy with the smiles, so we don't see many a day but we love them! He does smile in his sleep pretty often. Chris got lucky and caught this one on camera:
He actually has a deep dimple in his right cheek, but he wasn't smiling enough to see it in that photo.

Brenson has been holding his head up since he was born. It's pretty amazing how long and how steady he holds it. Here he is holding it up during tummy time:

In this photo, you can really see his blue eyes. His eyes were much darker at birth, but they are getting lighter just like his hair. Pretty baby blues :-).

Tummy time is not Brenson's favorite activity. He likes it for about 3 minutes. Then he starts to fuss. He has this terrible screech/scream that he does and it is seriously SO loud. I think he sounds like some sort of bird when he does it.

I think Brenson definitely looks like his Daddy!

Brenson crinkles his little forehead sometimes, and I think he looks like a little old man when he does it . . . especially now that he's balding on top.

Brenson very obviously prefers me already. This is another thing that is so odd compared to Brianna. She never seemed to care who was holding her as an infant. However, Brenson often won't calm down for anyone but me. He's a Momma's boy already, ha!

Happy first month to our little man! We love you so, so much.


Mallorie said...

Oh my goodness he is just SO CUTE!!!!! I love newborns! Such a sweet time. He sounds a lot like Emma Claire!!! She hated tummy time too and would screech as well!!! Such a funny and LOUD noise from a tiny person!!!

As for tummy problems I'm sure you have had tons of advice but it sounds a lot like Emma Claire's issue and I ended up cutting out diary and she was like a new baby! Oh and her baby acne also dissappeared a few days after I cut out diary!!! Just a thought! Although you are a seasoned pro at this now and don't need my advice I'm sure ;-)

Lisa said...

Mer! I yuv him! Smoochie! Smoochie!

asg said...

He is adorable!!!