Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Little Rock Star

Guess who has been sleeping through the night???

That's right! This handsome little man!!!

Since the night of March 18th, Brenson has been sleeping about 8 hours without waking *almost* every night. I seriously can hardly believe it. You may (or may not) remember that with Brianna, we struggled and struggled and STRUGGLED with sleep until she was ten months old. Yes, TEN! I followed Babywise with her as well, but for whatever reason she never slept through the night - not even one time - until she was six and a half months old. After that, it was very sporadic until she was ten months old. It was beyond exhausting because she wouldn't just wake up once a night. Sometimes, it was every hour and a half to two hours ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Months and months of that will wear a person down! I used to wonder if I would ever have a decent night's sleep again.

This past Saturday night, Brenson did wake at 3:00am and wouldn't settle back down so I fed him. Then, he went right back to sleep. The next morning, Chris made a comment that Brenson didn't have a good night. We had to laugh because Brenson's "bad" night would have been a great night for Brianna at this age. So, to say that we're THRILLED with his sleeping would be an understatement!

He's our little rock star!

Oh, and for the record, Brianna is a GREAT sleeper now . . . at night and for nap. Once she started sleeping well, she never turned back. So, if you're having sleeping problems with your little one, there IS hope!


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

What a good boy!! You must feel so refreshed!

Mallorie said...

Oh my gosh! WOW!!! EC just started sleeping more than 5 hours at night. I am so thankful that when I put her down I know she won't get up for a looong time (usually) ;-) haha

Emily said...

Wow...I am beyond impressed with you for keeping at it with baby wise even when yoy weren't seeing results! I wiuld have given up for sure!!! super pumped for you that it is working better this time around!!!!