Thursday, May 10, 2012

Brenson is 3 Months Old!

Today, our little Brenson man is three months old! He is SO excited about this milestone *grin*.

Here is his monthly photo with his giraffe . . . Brenson is outgrowing Mr. Giraffe in a hurry:

Speaking of growth, we seriously can't believe how big Brenson is. He weighs around 16 pounds, but doesn't look like it because he is so tall right now. He has outgrown all of his 0-3 month sized clothing, as well as much of his 3-6 month sized clothing. I'm still using onesie extenders to help get a little more use out of onesies (otherwise, only his size 6 month onesies would fit). He wears a size 1 shoe and recently we moved him to a size 2 diaper. Although, I think we'll be moving on up to size 3 soon. 

Brenson is a fabulous night-sleeper. He goes down sometime between 8:00 and 8:30pm (and he is so easy to put to sleep . . . we just swaddle him up, lay him down awake, and he drifts off to sleep) and sleeps until 7:00am. It's been a month or more since he has woken in the night. He always gives me the biggest grin as soon as he's sees me after waking up. It's one of my favorite things! He is still in the Pack 'N Play in our room and sleeps in a swaddle blanket. Recently, he's been busting out of the swaddle, so we'll probably work on weaning him from that soon.

Brenson rolled over for the first time on April 22. This photo was taken right after he rolled from back to belly. He loves to roll all the time now, but then he gets mad when he's on his belly (still HATES tummy time!). I used to be able to let him lay and play for 15 to 20 minutes and do a few things around the house, but now he just rolls over, cries until I roll him to his back again, rolls over, etc.

He also loves to plant his feet flat on the ground with his knees bent, then straighten his legs (which causes him to scooch across the floor). When I'm cooking dinner, I will often lay him right at the entryway of the kitchen so I can see him. You can see in the photo below where he had been laying (on the blanket), and how far he had moved himself. I couldn't believe it! He's too young for this!

One of Brenson's favorite things to do is watch Brianna. He studies her and follows her with his eyes all the time. When she talks to him and plays with him, he just grins and laughs.

Brenson loves to hold his hands together. He does this all the time!

His eyes are getting lighter and more blue. I wonder how much they will continue to change?

We broke out the Bumbo this month, and Brenson loves it! Brianna always makes sure he has something on his tray to play with, although he isn't really grabbing at or holding much yet. Poor guy has to sit in a purple Bumbo.

See how he's studying what Brianna does? So cute :-).

I had written several times about how Brenson tends to be fussy and particular about things. While he still has his moments, he is a much more content and happy baby than he was as a newborn. As long as we stick with his routine/schedule, he's good to go. He does still have his ear-piercing screech that he does when he's not happy, but we are hearing it less and less often. He gives us lots of smiles and coos during his awake times, and we enjoy him so much!

We took sister to the park yesterday and it was really sunny, so Brenson wore this cute little hat. He looked so sweet.

Brianna is such a talker, and I believe that Brenson is following in her footsteps. He will talk and talk and talk to us sometimes, and it sounds just like he is telling a story. It is seriously so cute. He will also "gripe" at us when he's not thrilled about something.

Brenson is still nursing like a pro. He gets a bottle of pumped milk about 4 to 5 days a week to keep him in the habit of taking them. He takes them great for Chris (or others), but only okay for me. He likes to eat for a bit, then cry at me, then eat for a bit, then cry at me. Sometimes when he's nursing, he will look at me and start "talking", then fuss because he's no longer eating. It cracks me up!

Brenson loves to chew on his hands. He just slurps and carries on and it is loud. Brianna always lets me know when he's "eating" his hands . . . it really bothers her, haha!

Our little man is very attached to Momma. I left him with my sister the other day for the afternoon, and he was not happy! As soon as I got home, he fussed for me to pick him up (he was in the swing, which he still loves), and then snuggled right into my shoulder. For the rest of the day, he would cry if I got out of his sight. He even favors me over Daddy.

I think (and have been told by others) that Brenson's hair looks really red in many of the photos I post of him. While it does have a bit of a reddish tint, it is really blond in person. The hair on the top of his head is growing back in nicely, but now he has a large bald spot on the back of his head. He has just rubbed the hair right off in his sleep and while he plays.

I love all of his dimples and how his left eye closes more than his right when he grins really big. 

Brenson is such a sweet baby. It is amazing to us how different he is from his sister, but we love the differences! Watching his little personality come out this past month has been so much fun. He is such a blessing to us!


Joy Lin said...

He's so smiley! In the pic with Brianna I noticed him holding his hands together just like she used to do. :) Cute.

Sarah said...

He is such a handsome little man! I can't believe that our babies are 3 months already!

Ioana-Carmen said...

This is so beautifuuuul! Check my blog and tell me if you wanna follow each other!! :X

Cheryl said...

What a sweet smiley baby! I'm glad he's a good night sleeper! Yay for good sleeping babies!

Emily said...

That grin is heart stopping!!!!! our bumbo is blue, we should trade haha. Actually you can buy covers for them now!!! Google it ;) thanks for the reminder about the tray, I need to get it down for britt!