Thursday, October 4, 2012

Brenson's Six Month Photos

Back on August 13th - just after Brenson had turned 6 months old - we took him to our favorite photographer for a little photo shoot. We had just gotten home from a big weekend celebrating my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary (and I still need to do a post about that!), so I wasn't sure how well Brenson would do with the photos. However, he surprised me by being so good and smiling on cue, and we got several photos of him!

I'm going to number them in case you want to comment about a particular one. 






6 - love this one!



9 - one of my favorites!

10 - I think this is so cute... he does this all the time :-).

11 - One of his cute expressions that we see often.

12 - Another favorite for sure!

13 - We wanted a few of the two of them together, but I don't love this one. Brianna's "smile" is soooo fake.

14 - This one is sweet though.

15 - I really like this one except for Brenson's "jazz hands". This is my favorite pose and angle of the ones with both of them.

16 - She did much better by herself. It worked out perfectly that this was during the month she turned 2 1/2.

17 - My favorite one of her! Her hair looked super stringy that day, but her smile is so precious!

18 - This one makes me laugh! He looks like "WHAT is she doing to me?!?" Haha!


20 - Sweet man holding Momma's hands *love*.


The last few are family shots, but I'm not thrilled with any of them. I don't care for the pose, and both children were over it by this point. Oh well, at leas we have them, right?




I'm so thankful for our photographer and her talent!


linda eller said...

I love all of the pictures....cant pick just one.

Lisa said...

So cute! Love those babies!

Amber Jo Elrod said...


Emily said...

Love 9 and 12 as well! Love the textures of the bakcground...very appropriate for a boy!!! :)