Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December Fun: Trimming the Tree

Putting up our Christmas tree is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. Because we all enjoy having it up, we generally put it up the weekend after Thanksgiving so we can enjoy it during the entire month of December. This year, however, Thanksgiving was later than normal so we put our tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving. Now, I typically like to give each holiday their own space, time, and respect, but this year we had to do it when we had the opportunity, so the weekend before Thanksgiving it was!

Brianna and Brenson love this activity as well!

Brenson wasn't sure what to do at first, but he caught on quickly.

After the tree(s) were all finished, we told him there are three rules about the trees that he needs to remember. The rules are 1)Do not touch 2)Do not touch, and 3)Do not touch. Haha! But guess what? It's worked and we haven't had a problem with either one of them messing with the trees or ornaments. 

I love telling Brianna memories and stories behind the ornaments.

Helping her reach the top part of the tree . . .

Daddy helping Brenson reach.

Chris was telling Brenson that the ornaments are fragile. He will now point at the ornaments and say, "Breakable". :-)

When Brianna was born, we started a tradition of buying her a Hallmark ornament for Christmas. We buy her the "A Visit From Santa" series each year, and her Meme buys her the "Toymaker Santa" series. She loves those ornaments!

For Brenson, we buy the "A Pony For Christmas" series, and Meme buys him the "Snowbuddies" series.

In the evenings, I love to sit by the light of the tree, drink hot cocoa, and read or just relax. One night I put this photo on Facebook with the caption, "Oh yes, this works." :-)

This year, we did change things up just a bit and added ribbon and a bow to our tree. We'll definitely be doing this again! I love the way it turned out.

What is your favorite part about decorating for Christmas?


Angie said...

I love the ornament tradition! Can't wait to do that with my littles someday!

Amie said...

Your tree is beautiful!! I love the traditions you have started :)

cassidy adams said...

Any and everything! I love christmas!:)