Friday, December 6, 2013


Yesterday we experienced our first blast of winter precipitation this year. Most of the snow happened during the night, though we did have a light dusting of snow and sleet and freezing rain during the day. We don't get a whole lot of winter weather in our part of the country, although we do tend to get a good snow a few times a year.

The kids were VERY excited to get out and play in the snow this morning!

Love this photo . . . you can see the excitement!

It was extremely cold for our area today. We layered and layered the kids in clothes (good thing I spent so many winters in Ukraine as a child . . . I know how to dress for the winter weather!)

Brenson was happy for about 5 minutes while we were outside.

It didn't take long for him to decide he was done. His serious face makes me laugh in this photo! Oh, and I seriously need a new winter hat. Mine is old and doesn't match my coat a bit. Ugh.

I used the timer on my camera to get this shot.

Haha . . . Miss B was having a BLAST! One of the first things she did when we got outside was run to our swingset and go down the slide (which was covered in snow, of course).

The cold didn't bother her a bit.

Brenson did enjoy sticking out his tongue and catching a few flakes.

I love this photos of him. Tomorrow we're going to make snow ice cream!

Brenson comes by his dislike of too hot or too cold weather honest. Chris was not having a great time either (he worked from home today due to the weather). I love the cold weather and snow, though!

Brianna insisted on rolling in the snow. I'm so glad I double-layered her hat. Can you see that the crocheted cap is covered in snow?

 Brenson was pretty much thinking that all this was nonsense by this point. Poor guy.

We took them in after just about 15 minutes due to the frigid temps. The rest of the day was spent playing, painting, reading books, cooking yummy food, and watching movies. We stayed warm and snug inside . . . SO incredibly thankful for a cozy house!

I did venture back outside to take a few photos of our house later this evening.

Our lights that line our driveway and sidewalk were covered in snow, but it melted a bit when the lights came on. I thought it looked so pretty.

Last night - after the winter precip had already begun - we put on our Christmas pjs, fixed some hot cocoa, and snuggled in to watch The Sound of Music.

Brenson had never had hot cocoa before and was not impressed.

This ended up being kind of a disaster. Brenson still drinks from a sippy cup or a cup with a lid and straw all the time, but I thought we'd give this a try. Well, of course he spilled it down his front about 3 times and we had to throw the pjs in the wash immediately.

Brianna drinks from a cup with no lid all the time, so I thought she'd have no problem. Well, she didn't have a problem drinking, but she did dump her whole cup of hot cocoa on the floor beside her simply because she wasn't paying attention. Her pjs also had to be thrown in the wash immediately. FAIL.

I hope you all had a wonderful day as well and stayed nice and warm!


antha duncan said...

Your house looks even prettier with the snow:).

Angie said...

Love the house pics! Looks like a Christmas card.