Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Favorites

A friend of mine is currently taking a photography class, and asked if we would mind letting her practice some of her new skills on us. I jump at any chance to have a family photo or two taken, so I happily agreed. We chose this past Sunday afternoon and it turned out to be the warmest, sunniest day in the history of Januarys. Especially considering our winter has been so brutal this year!

Because the sun was so bright, it made photo taking a bit difficult. However, she captured a few photos that I LOVE of my favorite people.

I adore this family photo! Totally frame worthy :-).

I generally like photos where everyone is looking better than photos like the one above, but this photo shoot may have converted me.

My sweet, sweet littles . . . this age is a tough one for photo taking, but I do so love those little faces. 

Thank you to my friend for the photos!

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