Monday, July 7, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Father's Day tends to fall during a very busy time of year for us. This year was no exception. We had just finished VBS (where I teach and Chris is the director), and we were getting ready to leave for our two week Colorado vacation. Because of how it falls, we tend to keep the day pretty low-key and celebrate at home. 

Of course, Father's Day was on a Sunday, so we had to take a few photos before heading to church. I LOVE these photos of Chris and the kids! 

We even got a good one of the three of them together!

On the Friday before Father's Day, we went to our Mommy-and-me preschool class which was Father's Day themed. The kids made these cute #1 Dad Ribbons for Chris and they were so proud to give them to him! Since there are two, he took one to work to hang in his office and we left the other hanging on the fridge at home.

For Mother's Day this year, in lieu of cards, Chris bought a journal type book and had the kids draw and write in it for me. I LOVE this idea! They will add to it every year, and I won't have to keep track of cards. I decided to do the same thing for Chris. 

I asked the kids about a few of their favorite things about Daddy, then had them stamp their hand print in the book. Brianna also wrote her own name. 

On the next page, I let her draw and decorate with stickers and later added the photo. I think it will be so fun to have the photos from every year in the book, as well.

She was thrilled to show her work off to Daddy.

She was telling him all about how we stamped her hand print (which was kind of a mess since I decided to use multiple colors).

Of course, we did the same thing for Brenson. And yes, his hand is every bit as big as Brianna's :-).

Brenson isn't very interested in coloring or drawing, but he does love to do stickers.

He was telling Daddy how he specifically chose a helicopter and a truck for Daddy's page.

We also made a few cute videos and sent them to Daddy's phone (and got Daddy a few gifts but they weren't very exciting). Like I said, overall it was a very low-key day, but we enjoyed celebrating Daddy!

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