Thursday, April 3, 2014

Boy Mom

 Oh Brenson . . . you are our little mischief maker!

On Wednesday evenings, we have a pretty solid routine. After naps and a bit of playtime, I change both kids' clothes and get them ready to go to dinner and Bible study. After I get them ready, I go get myself ready while they play for a few more minutes, and as soon as Chris gets home we walk out the door to go to dinner (we typically eat at our local Mexican restaurant for dinner on Wednesdays).

This particular Wednesday, Brianna and Brenson were ready, so I was in my bedroom getting myself ready to go. When I walked out into the living room, I saw this:

My sweet boy had gotten a hold of a {black} marker, and decorated himself all up nicely. He even marked up and down his legs and all over his hands.

I had to quickly give him a bath where I scrubbed and scrubbed on those *washable* marker marks with little luck. Of course, he needed fresh clothes as his other ones were covered in marker. This is what his hands looked like AFTER the bath.

Being a boy mom is a never-ending adventure, but I wouldn't change it! My boy keeps me on my toes, keeps me laughing, and keeps us fresh out of soap all the time!


Chris said...

I completely forgot about this! It made me laugh remembering how mad you were when you called me.

Russ Earl said...

That's a boy who needs GI JOE's!