Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014, Part Un

This year, Easter was later than normal falling on April 20th. The day before Easter, Chris's parents hosted a family dinner and egg hunt for the kids. Our kids LOVE their cousins (on both sides of the family), so they were pumped to spend the day with them! 

Who's ready to hunt eggs?!?

Chris's mom filled and hid TONS of eggs. We continued to find them all throughout the afternoon, even though each kid had an entire basket full.

Cousin Abby


No surprise, Bren took this whole process very seriously. He had the best time finding eggs, though!

One big perk of Easter being later than normal was that the grass was super green and made for some beautiful photos.

Like I said above, all four kids had a basket full of eggs. They were pretty excited about this.

Of course, as soon as they filled their baskets, they all headed inside to open them up. I think just about every egg was filled with candy, but we still had to open every single one :-).

Zeke and Brianna are little buddies. It's so cute to watch them play together. I know it doesn't look like it, but they are only about a year and a half apart in age.

Family photo :-)

Brianna really looks up to Abby (who is 10 years old), and she was so proud that they matched this day. Can you tell by the look on B's face?

Love this photo!

Chris's grandparents also joined us for dinner and the egg hunt.

Meme and Brianna :-)

The grass was so bright and beautiful that I just had to take some photos in it. However, it was the middle of the afternoon which made for some tough lighting. Oh well, I still think they are pretty.

Love my girl!

 Meme and Papa have a tire swing at their house, and who doesn't love a tire swing? I think it's one of kids' favorite things to do at their house.

Brenson likes to ride sitting on top of the tire instead of inside it. This makes Momma nervous!

He doesn't like to swing quite as high as his sister, but he still has a great time on it.

Of course, after Bren rode on top of the tire, Brianna had to try it that way as well. Our little daredevil doesn't really care how she's on the tire, as long as she's swinging HIGH.

Brenson loves to pal around with Grandpa, so as we were leaving he decided to help Grandpa walk to his truck :-). Love it.

We were so thankful for a beautiful, warm spring day to enjoy! We are always thankful for quality time with family.

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